17 Top Practical, Ridiculous & Crazy Things You Can Ask Android Auto

17 Top Practical, Ridiculous & Crazy Things You Can Ask Android Auto

Learn what you can ask Android Auto to do in installed in your connected car.

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By Lynn Walford

Wonder what you can ask Android Auto to find, do or discover? After exhaustively putting the platform through its paces, GearBrain decided to have some fun, culling the 17 most ludicrous, but still perhaps practical, questions you could ask Android Auto to find.

Location Location Location

#17 "Where am I?"

Android Auto opens the map app and show the map of the area.

#16 "Where is the closest rest room?"

Android Auto sends you to portable restroom solutions, aka toilet rentals using Google maps. Our result yielded 'Royal Restrooms of Los Angeles - Portable Toilet Supplier.' Not what we had in mind.

#15 "How long does it take to get to the moon?"

The answer we got? That it's only three days away—about the time it took the Apollo astronauts to get there. One hopes that's more time than having Android Auto find you a bathroom.

#14 "How far away is Jupiter?"

The distance is 5088 million kilometers. But if you say, "Navigate to Jupiter" you see a map with two cross-country routes to Jupiter, Florida. Much closer. (Maybe there's a bathroom there.)

Food and Money

#13 "How much caffeine is in a cup of coffee?"

95 mg. But beware asking "What ingredients are in Pepsi Cola? or" What are the ingredients in Oreo cookies?" because you may disgusted as Android Auto reads the details aloud as you drive.

#12 "How many calories are in a medium McDonald's french fries?

"If you ask me too much, but there are 340 calories. That could be the reason why the average weight of American women is 166.2 pounds.

#11 Android Auto can convert $200 to Mexican pesos and convert $200 to Canadian dollars and will also inform you "How much does it cost for Netflix each month?"

#10 "What is the average price of an apartment in Los Angeles?"

It's expensive, setting your back about $2094.

#9 But I feel better when I ask, "What is the average price of an apartment in San Francisco?" Much higher, at $3770.

Practical Answers to Modern Problems

#8 "How are babies made?"

While driving, you can get the technical details of mother nature's way to procreate.

#7 "How many cups in a barrel of beer?"

This is very important if you are planning a big party. And if you can't decide to serve chicken wings, burgers or a crudité... just ask "What percentage of people in the United States are vegetarians?" Only 3.2% of U.S. adults or 7.3 million people while 0.5% are vegans who consumer no animal products at all.

#6 "What is anger management? What is road rage? What is the angriest city?"

You may want to stay out of Longview East Texas because it is the angriest city. What city has the has the most traffic? Android Auto offers no surprise, it's Los Angeles. What city has the most freeways? Los Angeles ranked last in terms of freeway lane miles per residents. Chicago is second to last and New York is near the bottom.

#5 Android can also give answers to "What do I do if I have a bee sting?" and "Where is the closest police station?" "What time is it in Tokyo?" Who won the Kentucky Derby?" That would be an American Thoroughbred named Nyquist.

Woof Woof Meow Android Auto

#4 For pet and car lovers in vehicles, Android Auto knows, "What is the most popular dog in the United States?" "How many cats are there in the United States?" and even "How many cars are there in the United States? But Android Auto won't reveal how many dogs or cats are in cars in the United States.

Know Your Numbers

#3 "What is the life expectancy in the United States?"

You'll live 78.74 years, quoting 2012 numbers. Avoid those McDonald's french fries and that could jump.

#2 "What percent of people in the United States are Christian?"

You might be surprised to find that 83 percent may be praying while you are using Android Auto to find out that fact.

#1 Finally, if you think CarPlay might be better you can ask "How much does an iPhone cost? The answer is out of date, quoting prices for the iPhone 6, rather than the newest models, the iPhone 6S or the iPhone SE. A little competitive edge from Google's Android Auto.

Please note that Google search results are often connected to your Google account, therefore your results may be even weirder. Also, at Google I/O, Google announced some new Android Auto future features including Waze, OK Google, and use of Android Auto on phones without a compatible vehicle.

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