The new Range Rover Evoque has eyes in the back of its head
Jaguar Land Rover

The new Range Rover Evoque has eyes in the back of its head

Rear camera can replace the interior mirror with the flick of a switch

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The new Range Rover Evoque, revealed in London on Thursday evening, features a camera system which can help drivers see through the hood to the road below, and one to see through rear-seat passengers.

Called Ground View, the first of these systems is a world-first for any car and is the production version of a concept first demonstrated by Land Rover back in 2014.

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Using cameras in the wing mirrors and front grille, the car serves up an augmented view of the ground between the front wheels, displayed on one of the Evoque's two 10-inch dashboard touchscreens.

The system can help drivers keep the car's 21-inch alloy wheels clear of kerbs, or to help navigate while off-roading.

Another camera is fitted to the top of the rear windshield, which send a live video feed to the interior mirror, which contains a full-length, high definition display. The mirror can be used normally, but for times when the view might be obscured - such as when carrying large items in the truck, or three rear-seat passengers - a button press replaces the mirror with a feed from the camera.

The interior mirror includes an HD displayJaguar Land Rover

This view is 50 degrees, offering a wider field of view than a conventional mirror, and of course it gives the driver a clear view of the road behind, with none of the car's interior on show.

Artificial intelligence is also a feature of the new Evoque. With use, the car starts to learn each driver's preferred settings for the seat and steering wheel position, cabin temperature, and seat massage settings. These are then configured when you approach the car, thanks to the close proximity of your phone and key.

As for the rest of the new Evoque's technology, the car is the first from Jaguar Land Rover to offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also features the same Touch SCreen Duo system as the rest of the Range Rover lineup. This means there is a 12.3-inch display behind the steering wheel, plus a pair of 10-inch touchscreens in the center of the dashboard.

Cameras help make the hood invisibleJaguar Land Rover

The upper screen is used for navigation, phone, media, parking and CarPlay/Android Auto. The lower screen is used to control the cabin temperature and heated seats, and for adjusting vehicle settings. Two rotating dials sit on top of this display, making it easier to interact with without taking your eyes off the road.

Other interior tech includes tablet holders with charging facilities attached to the back of the front seats, a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices, and six USB charging ports located throughout the cabin.

Jaguar Land Rover

Land Rover has fitted an all-new mild hybrid (MHEV) system to six of the seven Evoques offered at launch. This system works like other hybrids, harvesting energy while braking then using it to help the engine when accelerating to lower emissions and increase economy - but cannot be plugged in. Instead, the system works entirely in the background.

The company says a conventional plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version of the Evoque will be offered in around 12 months time.

The new Evoque starts from £31,600 in the UK, while US pricing and further details will be announced at the Chicago Auto Show in February.

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