A robot, spaceship and model Irina Shayk
Phillip Plein

A robot, spaceship and model Irina Shayk

Designer Philipp Plein tapped tech trends for his New York Fashion Week show.

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While today's models have little to worry about, designer Philipp Plein had a robot walk his fashion show this weekend. Hardly model-sized, the large robot looked more like a 1950s idea of an animatronic than the ones popping up in the past few years at CES. Nor was the robot even real.

While remarkable things are happening in the world of robotics — from robots designed for surgery to robots that deliver your luggage — having one that could move as nimbly as a supermodel strutting down a catwalk is not likely today. But the idea was fun, and certainly tapped into how we imagine our future lives: where robots walk the streets and flying machines transport us to work or even to other planets.

Plein took over the Brooklyn Navy Yard for his show, where his robot and model Irina Shayk kicked up fake snow as they walked to Sinatra's classic, "Fly Me To The Moon."

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