Should robots have a kill switch?

Should robots have a kill switch?

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Friday

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Robot War The European Parliament has passed a resolution around robots alluding to the animated AI as "intelligent machines" that need rules for designers and users alike. Some of these include making sure robots are always seen as robots, that they "take privacy rights of individuals into consideration," and can never been used as a weapon. Robots took CES by storm—and are working their way into the public imagination, and we believe into their homes in the short term. Europe, however, believes as robots develop from factory automation to home helpers, having a way to turn them off, of what they actually refer to as "kill switches" is going to be crucial.

Nintendo SwitchNintendo went live with its newest console at 11 pm ET last night. The Nintendo Switch will go on sale March 3, and is priced at $299—definitely higher than expected. The console has detachable controllers, and you'll be able to bring Switch with you as a portable device. Games will come on game cards, not Wii compatible though.

Lily Drone Down Drone maker Lily, which had $34 million in pre-orders for its camera drone that could be tossed in the air and flown, suddenly shut down. The cause? Reportedly its inability to raise enough money to actually start building the drone. But all pre-orders will be refunded. The company says it will return the money the way customers originally paid over the next 60 days.

iPhone 8 With iPhone's 10th anniversary coming this year, the next iteration of the smartphone—dubbed (wait for it) the iPhone 8 will potentially have wireless charging. With Apple launching the wireless earbuds this year, wireless charging (already available for many Android devices) is likely to be something Apple users want. (Via Forbes)

Wireless VR VR experts believe that untethered VR is a must for the technology to move to the next stage of adoption. From technology that supports this evolution to devices already offering this option, we took a look at what consumers might want to expect in the coming year for virtual reality.

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