Self-driving cars are coming because you can't stop texting

Self-driving cars are coming because you can't stop texting

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Wednesday

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Driven To Self-Driving Why will self-driving cars take off eventually? Likely because insurance companies will demand them, and the autonomous tools built into the vehicles. This stat in particular makes the point: Nearly one-third of young adults have admitted to driving and texting at the same time, according to a survey of 3,000 drivers from connected car company Klashwerks, based in Ottawa, Canada. Since smartphone dependency is hardly going away, expect insurance companies to start giving favorable rates to those with autonomous features in their cars. The same Klashwerks states that one-quarter of drivers say they'll never ride on a self-driving car—but when these same drivers start getting penalty fees for driving their own cars instead of letting the autonomous features take over, that number will likely drop.

NASA Reacts Elon Musk's plan to shoot off two private citizens into space by the end of 2018, got a gentle nod from NASA which congratulated the company—while also reminding them of their "contractual obligations to return the launch of astronauts to U.S. soil and continue to successfully deliver supplies to the International Space Station." The private flight is no doubt providing a serious infusion of funds to Space X. But our national space agency is gently noting that rather than acting as a private yacht, Space X is expected to be approaching its job as a ferryman.

Alexa Lockup Alexa can lock any door using a selection of Kwikset's smart locks, as long as they're linked through Samsung's SmartThings platform. So instead of wandering the house locking the door before bed, the door can be shut tight by just stating: "Alexa, lock my door."

Drone Lockup A man, whose drone knocked a woman unconscious during a parade, got handed 30 days in jail and a $500 fine. Guilt of reckless endangerment, the drone owner is reportedly the first to get jail time for his decision to fly a drone in a public area. Worth noting. (Via The Verge)

Mad Max VR Have an urge to drive Fury Road via Mad Max? Our VR reviewer took a spin online with the VR Car Driving Simulator app which was more interesting than its name belies.

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