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We know how tricky smart home devices can seem at first — we write about them daily. Installation guides and videos are great, but having someone you can ask questions of in the moment is even better.

Tuesday, August 14 at 2 pm ET join GearBrain's editors on Facebook as we tackle your questions about how to piece together a smart home of your own.

Confused if the smart lights you bought from a big box store is going to talk to your entertainment system? Want to know if a smart thermostat you're eyeing works with the Google Assistant you have stashed in the living room? Or not sure you can even install a smart thermostat in your home? (There's a secret we promise to share.)

We'll break down smart speakers too — trust us Alexa and Google Assistant are about to get some competition, and you may find that another brand's voice assistant is a better choice for you and your life.

Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby, Siri or Cortana? We can helpiStock

For one hour, we'll try to respond to as many people as we can — and find solutions that are right not just for your home — but for your wallet too. If we don't know something, we'll track down answers to make sure your questions aren't left unanswered.

Your home is getting smarter, learning how cool you like the house to be when you come home, the restaurant you prefer going to on Thursdays for date night and what to do when you walk out the door for work.

It's time to learn yourself how to secure your space, and take control of the most important investment you'll ever make: your home. You sleep there, spend your downtime there — and may be raising a family as well.

Trust us, you can install a smart lock on your owniStock

We hope to make this a fairly regular event so not to worry if you can't catch us this week. Drop us an email (details are on the bottom of this web page) with your question and we'll get back to you that way too.

Otherwise, bring your caffeinated beverage of choice to join GearBrain's editors Tuesday August 14, 2018 at 2 pm ET on Facebook.

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