Google Assistant talks more naturally

Drop the 'Hey' and 'Ok' when you want to add one more action for Google's voice assistant.

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Google Home pushed out a new feature — highlighted at I/O in May — that lets people talk more as they normally do when asking the smart speaker questions or issue commands. Until now, every action needed to be started with a "Hey Google" and "Ok" Google to get Google Assistant to pay attention.

Now with Continued Conversation, you'll be able to direct Google Assistant through multiple requests — turning on the air conditioning, adding something to your calendar and checking the — without breaking each step with a "Hey Google."

Natural language is key to making smart assistants more usable in the home. Having to use specific words each time someone wants Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and others to look up something or locate information feels artificial: it's just not how we speak. These steps, then, don't fold into the way we live at home.

This new feature, however, mimics a more easy conversational flow.

Google Home, Google Home Max and Google Home Mini owners just need to indicate that in their preferences by going to Settings, then Preferences, then Continued Conversation. Then, as long as Google Assistant thinks its still having the same conversation, you'll good to drop the stilted language. Yes, you need to still get Google Assistant to turn on with the awkward phrasing — but, hey, baby steps.

To learn more about what you can do with Google Assistant, check out The GearBrain's What Works with Google Home and The Google Home Mini.

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