a photo of SoundPEATS Wings2 Sport Over-Ear Wireless Earbuds and case

SoundPEATS Wings2 Sport Over-Ear Wireless Earbuds Review

One of the best sounding wireless earbuds with long lasting battery life for under $50.

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This year, we tested many wireless earbuds with features like active noise canceling, built-in equalizers, and long-lasting batteries. And we have tested wireless earbuds with various designs, like buds or in-ear phones. Recently, we tried a pair of wireless earbuds that wrap around your ears and provide an incredible sound for less than $50. The SoundPEATS Wings2 Wireless Earbuds are the Over-Ear Bluetooth Long-lasting Headphones. And here is our review.

What are SoundPEATS Wings2 Sport Over-Ear Wireless Earbuds?

SoundPEATS Wings2 Sport Over-Ear Wireless Earbuds unboxed on a deskSoundPEATS Wings2 Sport Over-Ear Wireless Earbuds unboxedGearBrain

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The SoundPEATS Wings2 are wireless earbuds with a secure and comfortable fit, crystal clear sound, extended battery life, and easy-to-use touch controls. They also have a low-latency game mode that is perfect for mobile gaming. They also have a secure and comfortable fit with unique semi-ear ear hooks that keep the earbuds in place when moving.

As for the sound, the Wings2 earbuds do come with crystal clear sound that works on Bluetooth 5.3 connection. The 13mm driver also helps provide good sound quality for these wireless over-the-ear headphones. Other features include:

  • Extended battery life with up to 8 hours of playtime on a single charge and up to 30 hours with the charging case
  • Easy-to-use touch controls for power, playback, volume, and more
  • Low latency game mode with 70ms delay

If you are looking for good wireless earbuds to use when working out, the SoundPEATS Wings2 might be for you. These wireless sports headphones come with a secure-fit ear hook design that can hold the earbud in place when working on a treadmill or outside doing your road work. These earbuds also have an IPX4 waterproof rating, meaning you can sweat with them on and not worry about damaging them.

a photo of the SoundPEATS Wings2 wireless earbud on a desktop with protective coverMake sure you remove the protective covering on each earbud before listening.GearBrain

How to control your SoundPEATS Wings2 Earbuds?

The Wings2 comes with touch control, but you can also use the SoundPEATS app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. I am a big fan of headphones or earbuds with an app with an Equalizer built-in for you to adjust the sound to your ears. The SoundPEATS app does offer an Adaptive EQ, which you can set by taking the hearing test when you first try your Wings2. Many makers of good wireless earbuds and headphones provide this feature, and we recommend you at least try to set it up to see if it can make a difference.

In addition to the Adaptive EQ, you can select preset sound profiles in the app.

Lastly, there are touch controls on each earbud. To activate each command, you must touch the earbud's middle of the control zone. If your hand is wet, the touch control may not work; please keep your hand dry. The controls for each earbud is listed below:

  • Play/pause: Double-tap the left or right earbud once.
  • Next track: Hold the right earbud until you hear a beep (about 1-2 seconds).
  • Previous track: Double-tap the left earbud.Volume up: Tap on the right earbud.Volume down: Tap on the left earbud.
  • Answer/end call: Tap the left or right earbud once.
  • Reject call: Tap the left or right earbud for 2 seconds.
  • Switch between two active calls: Press and hold the multifunctional button for 2 seconds.
  • Activate and Deactivate the Voice Assistant on your smartphone: Press the middle of the control zone on your right earbud three times.
  • Activate Game Mode: three taps on the left earbud.
  • Tip: the sensors on the earbuds are sensitive. Make sure you hit the center of the earbuds to complete your control.

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SoundPEATS app

a screenshot of SoundPEATS app home page showing battery life for SoundPEATS Wings2 Earbuds


Control the sound and see the battery life for SoundPEATS Wings2 Earbuds in the SoundPEATS app

SoundPEATS app is where you can control the sound for our earbuds and monitor battery life for each earbud and case.

How much do the SoundPEATS Wings2 earbuds cost?

The MSRP for SoundPEATS Wings2 Wireless Earbuds is $49.99 but the earbuds are listed on the company site and Amazon for $39.99. The Wings2 comes with SOUNDPEATS Wings2 Wireless Sports Headphones, a Type-C Charging Cable, a Charging Case, a User Manual, and an App Guide. Is this a reasonable price? Based on our experience with testing various wireless earbuds, the Wings2 price is affordable. They offer a good combination of features and performance for the price and are well-rated by users for their sound quality, battery life, and comfort.


In testing these wireless earbuds, we used them for working out and doing jobs around the house. We found the fit to be comfortable. The touch controls were a little sensitive, so it took some time to get used to. However, the sound quality was quite good, especially considering the price. For only $39.99, not many wireless earbuds come with an Adaptive EQ built-in and long battery life like Wings2 headphones.

One of my pet peeves with wireless earbuds is the wind distortion you get when outside. So often, when out for a walk or run when it is windy, it's hard to hear your music, podcast, or whatever you are listening to. I was surprised by how little wind noise we got when wearing the Wings2 earbuds. The wrap-around design helped keep our earbuds in place but also did an excellent job blocking out most of the wind. It didn't get all of it, but enough for us to enjoy our music.

If you are looking for an inexpensive pair of active noise canceling (ANC) earbuds, Wings2 is not for you. These earbuds don't have ANC. They do offer Game mode, which blocks out a little of the noise. But you will not get the immersive listening environment found with ANC earbuds.

I think the overall best feature of the Wings2 wireless earbuds is their battery life. They come with 8 hours of play on a single charge, but when you use the wireless charging case, you can get up to 30 hours of listening on a single charge. Is 30 hours good battery life? Since many wireless earbuds come with only 20-30 hours range of battery life on a single charge, 30 is well above the average for wireless earbuds. SoundPEATS Wings2 uses a low-power Bluetooth chip to help provide long-lasting listening pleasure.

a photo or SoundPEATS Wings2 wireless case and earbuds on a deskThe case for Wings2 earbuds is quite large compared to other wireless earbud cases we have tested.GearBrain


The SoundPEATS Wings2 Wireless Earbuds reminded me of the Beats by Dre Powerbeats wireless earbuds. They have a wrap-around design and high-quality sound. They are perfect for wearing during workouts and have a similar battery life (9 hours on a single charge). However, they cost $249.95 (if not on sale), which might be too rich for some. If you don't want to spend $200-250 for a good pair of wireless earbuds with long battery life, then the SoundPEATS Wings2 are a great option. They offer excellent battery life, good sound quality, customized EQ, and a comfortable fit. And they cost less than $40.

Overall, the SOUNDPEATS Wings2 is recommended for those seeking reliable, comfortable earbuds for activities like gym workouts or running, with the caveat that bass enthusiasts may find them lacking in that aspect. But for the price, you can't beat it.


  • Cost
  • Built-in Customized EQ
  • Long battery life
  • comfortable design


  • Sensitivity touch controls
  • The bass might not be deep enough
  • No ANC

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