Space X recycled rocket makes historic space flight

Space X recycled rocket makes historic space flight

Space X sends a used rocket up into space—and brings it back. Again.

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Space X redux Space X became the first entity to ever successfully reuse a rocket that has flown into space, and come back. On its mission today, Space X sent a used Falcon 9 rocket off from Launch Complex 39 A (where the first Saturn V took off for Apollo 4) at Cape Canaveral, FL. The rocket sent a satellite into orbit, and then returned, landing on a ship at sea. The same rocket shot into space, and returned in April.

Space X is pioneering a way to reuse rockets for space travel which is expected to reduce the cost for future trips into outer space. Reusable systems are not new, however, as NASA's Space Shuttle program was built on the ability to reuse the orbiters that took off on the backs of rockets, and then essentially coasted back to Earth.

Gorillaz VR The Gorillaz, are back after a multi-year hiatus, with a new music video in its trademark comic style—but as a 360-degree, VR film. The first song, Saturnz Barz (Spirit House) features the group entering a clearly haunted house. You can spin around the space as the band, which broke through with its first single, "Clint Eastwood," sings away.

Home robot Sure, you've heard us preach about the waves of robots coming to your home (and even to your workplace.) But now a company, Roboteam, is working on just that: robots meant to be in the consumer space. TechCrunch reports that the company has earned millions of dollars making robots for military units. Now, it wants to send these mechanical tools into your home.

Smartphone deaths Smartphones may be the cause of the a sudden rise in pedestrian deaths over the past five years according to a new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association. The organization estimates that 5,997 pedestrians died in 2016—a fairly sizable jump from the 5,376 who died in 2015, and the 4,910 who died in 2014. People: look up from your phones when crossing the street.

Thermal gadget In the market for a thermal or digital reader for your do-it-yourself home work? We've spent some time with three such devices that we think are worth your time, and your money. Why would you need a thermal device? They can help spot leaks in your insulation, and also help you find overloaded circuit breakers.

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