Elon Musk: We're Going To Live On Mars in 40 to 100 Years

Elon Musk: We're Going To Live On Mars in 40 to 100 Years

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Wednesday

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Rocket Man Elon Musk believes a self-sustaining city on Mars is easily doable in the next century. At its core is, of course, a Space X rocket which will be able to make flights to the red planet, he says, in just 30 days. Musk presented his vision of Martian life and futuristic space travel in Mexico at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico. His rocket, the Falcon Heavy, would be a reusable rocket, capable of flying more than 1,000 missions, he says. But he says he expects an unmanned mission to be off the ground by 2018. Eventually, flights could cost $200,000 or less per person. Musk is so passionate about this future he envisions, he's planning on investing his own money into the development—and teased he may even have to hit Kickstarter for some of the rest. (Via The Washington Post)

Let Aetna Buy Your Apple Watch Insurer Aetna is going to subsidize the cost of an Apple Watch to certain companies and employees starting this year. Its own employees are getting one for free. No, Aetna isn't doing this so you can play Pokémon Go. It's because the health insurer is building its own iOS health apps to get insured people moving, and hopefully healthier (which means cheaper to cover.) The apps are expected to launch next year. Let's not forget, though, that a recent study found those who wore wearables lost less weight than those who were without fitness devices.

Wink Wink Wink's latest — the Wink Hub 2 —is a bump in price from its original product. But the $100 hub is going to work with a lot more products in the smart home realm from garage door openers to of course smart light bulbs. Plus, it's way cuter (and sleeker) than its first version. You can start buying it in October.

VR Degree Never thought your virtual reality obsession could turn into a legit degree, did you? Through online site Udacity, you can earn a VR Developer Nanodegree in about six months, and cost $199 per month, the site says.Each students will received a mobile VR viewer. But students who have access to more robust VR headsets, like HTC Vive, will be able to take advantage of more robust classes.

We Love Wi-Fi No, of course we don't. But we want to. We really do. And that's why our roundup of the latest Wi-Fi mesh solutions is going to make you love your Wi-Fi devices again, and realize that, yes, you do believe in wireless communication.

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