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Sphero’s co-founder Adam Wilson talks coding and robots

What is a robot, if we'll see more of them in our lives, and why we should all know how to code — even a little bit.

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Who doesn't love a robot? They beep, roll and flash their lights. Today's toy robots, however, can do much more and serve as a gateway for children (and adults) to learn about coding and programming. Maybe that sounds educational — but who says learning can't be wrapped in fun? GearBrain's going to talk tomorrow during its next Facebook Live about coding — from block codes to JavaScript — and how toys can boost the way we understand how our electronic gadgets work.

Joining us will be Adam Wilson, co-founder and chief scientist behind Sphero, the sphere-shaped rolling ball that spawned a new way for us to think about robots. We're going to talk about Sphero's new launch, BOLT, but also about coding in general — if everyone should learn the basics of how to code and how our smart devices speak.

Adam will also tell us the journey he took when launching Sphero — and how he specifically wanted to challenge the idea of what a robot could, and should, look like in its design and the way it moved.

We'll be live on GearBrain's Facebook page at 2 pm ET tomorrow, Tuesday, September 11th. Bring your questions about coding, toys, education, smart devices and robots. Bring your robot too. We'll have ours own hand and hopefully we'll get some tricks going during our show.

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