Wearables that take an ECG and keep an eye out for your heart

5 devices that take readings on your heart rhythm, and even send the results right to your doctor

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As technology advances, the health field also finds new ways to expand and improve. The latest (and potentially life-saving) devices available include wearables that can take a real ECG (electrocardiogram) from the wrist or chest of the wearer. They not only allow patients to monitor their own health, particularly atrial fibrillation or AFib, but the data collected can be sent directly to their doctors for a near-immediate assessment.

Withings Move ECG

heart monitor device ecg

The Withings Move ECG is set to launch this spring


There are plenty of watches that perform tasks that are truly unbelievable, but a 24/7 ECG device at the wrist is transformative. Withings Move ECG is an activity watch and ECG monitor combo, allowing the wearer to take an ECG whenever necessary. Withings Move ECG has a one-year battery life, and works simply by placing the thumb and forefinger on the sides of the watch to get the watch to start recording. The device then sends information to the connected smartphone Health Mate app. If need be, the results can be directed to a doctor. GearBrain featured a Withings round-up earlier this year, including the Move ECG which is scheduled to come this spring.

Withings smartwatches available on Amazon


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The KardiaMobile can read a heart rate in about 30 seconds, and send the details to an app


AliveCor has two innovative products designed for ECG monitoring — the $99 KardiaMobile and the $99 KardiaBand. KardiaMobile is a tiny rectangular device that measures heart rhythm and connects to an app. It can easily snap to the back of a smartphone for convenience. In 30 seconds, the reading is ready and can be emailed to a doctor if AFib is evident. KardiaBand is used in place of an Apple Watch band, and with the simple press of a thumb, registers a reading. The band will also alert you to measure your heart rate if the device suspects abnormal rhythm. A report can be generated to give to a doctor, summarized monthly for patterns and problems. See more information about AliveCor in an earlier write-up on GearBrain.

Available on Amazon.

Apple Watch Series 4

Picture of Apple Watch 4 with heart monitor device ecg

The Apple Watch Series 4 can read low and high heart rates


Apple is always ahead of the curve and endlessly innovating. The $399 Apple Watch Series 4 monitors heart health with an electrical heart sensor. An ECG can be captured at any time, with the details ready to send to a doctor. Just push the 'Digital Crown' and Apple takes it from there. Learn more about the Apple Watch Series 4 and its other amazing features.

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The QardioCore band is worn around the chest tracks heart rate, temperature and is a continuous ECG monitor


Worn comfortably on the chest and wire-free, QardioCore is a medical-grade ECG monitor that records your heart all day as a proactive approach for those predisposed to heart conditions or those currently suffering from one or more health problems. The revolutionary design is award-winning, and the data along with a summary and notes can be shared with a doctor via the app. QardioCore will work for 24 hours without a need to recharge, but is currently only available outside of the U.S.

Samsung S-Patch 3

heart monitor device ecg

The S-Patch 3 from Samsung has FCC approval


While not yet available for purchase, the discreet chest-worn wearable will have ECG capabilities measured through the 'Bio Processor' chip that connects to a smartphone. Not much information is available as to when this device will be on the market, but here are some additional smartwatches and fitness trackers to look out for in 2019.

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