Tesla Autopilot Saved This Guys Neck—Or Possibly a Big Insurance Claim

Tesla Autopilot Saved This Guys Neck—Or Possibly a Big Insurance Claim

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Monday

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Autopilot cheerleader VOGNetwork's Bobby Blackwolf, clearly felt Tesla was getting beaten-up too much around reports of accidents involving Autopilot. So Blackwolf released footage of an accident he had in Atlanta in May, where, he says, Autopilot kicked in to prevent turn what, he believes, could have been a terrible accident into just a fender bender. Multiple accidents have been reported that involve Autopilot—including one fatality—with the latest in Montana. Blackwolf says Autopilot alerted him to the car in front of him slamming its brakes, so he could hit his as well and believes Autopilot is actually a fantastic tool. Of course, Blackwolf gives his report as he wears a Tesla T-shirt. So you know where his loyalty sits.

Home health When patients check out of a hospital, doctors and health care professionals sometimes worry how their patients are faring. Once they head home, people can slip in how well they take care of themselves, and also stay on their prescribed medical course. That's why Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York has set up a beta test with 40 cancer patients to see how they do. The wearable will track sleep, activity and have an app that will require patients to answer questions on details like how tired they are—which will be sent back to doctors. Smart health devices are slowing growing in use, as a way for medical people to stay in better contact, and gather more information, about patients. (Via MobiHealthNews)

Virtual shopping We've all done a bit of virtual shopping, where we scan the web and eye what we'd like to buy—but then don't. But Chinese web store Alibaba just changed the very nature online shopping by launching a true virtual reality buying experience called Buy+. Consumers can don a headset at home, and check out and even try on clothes before purchasing. Retailers do expect that VR to play a larger role in the shopping experience—whether that's people testing out products at home, or even being able to try things at the store. (Via South China Morning Post)

Smartwatch malaise Unlike wearables, smartwatches, however, are on the decline, according to a report from IDC. Apple actually had its first quarter of declining shipments. But overall, the smartwatch market dropped a precipitous 32 percent says the research firm, which attributed the shift, in part, to consumers waiting for anticipated upgrades to come before buying new models.

Headsets for the virtual road Curious which VR headsets may give you the best virtual view of your next vacation spot? We have five suggestions that are ideal for checking out VR videos of Las Vegas, Los Angeles or even Rio is you're about to jet out for the Olympics.

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