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Theme parks that take fingerprints and facial ID along with a ticket

From Walt Disney World to Legoland Dubai, these parks scan biometric data on guests as they enter the park

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With Covid-19 concerns easing a bit, a visit to a theme park may be in the summer plans. But as in years prior, biometric information is coming into the experience, with some parks actually requiring finger scans or testing facial recognition technology on guests.

This isn't just happening at some of the bigger names in the U.S., but at theme parks around the globe as well. While you may not be traveling internationally this summer, here are five theme parks that may ask you to hand over more than a credit card to get inside.

Six Flags

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Six Flags guests can opt out of fingerprint scans and use a Photo ID if they request

Much like Universal Studios, Six Flags takes a biometric scan of a visitor's finger—but only those who have memberships to the park or are Season Ticket holders. If they opt out of the scan, park guests can have their photo taken and Six Flags will issue a Photo ID pass instead.

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