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Volvo lets a real family test its self-driving car

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Volvo's Nielsen Move Volvo is taking a play book from Nielsen, putting real people behind the wheel of its self-driving car, and not employees. The Hain family, hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden (Volvo Cars HQ), will be the first of many people who will hit the roads in Volvo's autonomous cars this year. They'll be part of the automaker's Drive Me research project, with its goal to hit the market with a completely autonomous car in 2021.

Yahoo Says Bye Yahoo has changed its name to Altaba. If that reminds you a lot of Alibaba, it may be because the portion of Yahoo not sold to Verizon (which is getting the blogs and email service) is the part that holds a major portion of Alibaba. So goodbye Yahoo. And also gone? Marissa Mayer, leaving the company's board of directors when the sale to Verizon finally goes through. Yahoo's name is probably not one many will miss as the company is now also known for having one of the largest security breaches in history.

Securing Amazon Amazon is not flinching from its security responsibility. The company has reportedly acquired an AI security start-up called for $19 million says TechCrunch. As Amazon puts its stakes firmly down in the smart home space, hoping to make Alexa the hub of the future, security is going to be paramount.

Unlimited? Ha. Verizon just set a limit on its unlimited plan—capping data at 200GB a month for those still on the grandfathered plans. Hit beyond 200 GB and you'll be forced to move into a tiered system. If you don't, you'll be booted from Verizon entirely. So says Droid Life which says it's only affecting a small number of people who will have until Feb. 16 to switch to a new plan.

Best of CES Couldn't get to Las Vegas this year for the annual consumer tech fest? That's okay because we did—and we culled together the best of the best to give you a sneak peek at what we think will be the next devices and tech for the coming year.

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