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Smart assistants speak up during GearBrain’s Facebook Live, 9/25 at 2 pm ET
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Smart assistants speak up during GearBrain’s Facebook Live, 9/25 at 2 pm ET

Hear how Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant sound — and what they may be able to help you with at home and on the go, or just watch our video in the story.

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Updated 9/27/18: Smart speakers are thought to be the next wave of computing — sound bars and boxes with artificially intelligent (A.I.) applications including Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri and others that talk to you from deep inside. You can find these chatty programs inside an Amazon Echo device, or a Google Assistant speaker. Major brands including Sonos, Lenovo and Harman Kardon are also giving these smart assistants room inside their products too.

Many of us already use a smart assistant like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant — 32 percent, according to Adobe Analytics. But these A.I. bots are designed to do much more than call your Aunt Sue from your smartphone. They can help you with everything from mundane tasks, to running the other internet-connected gadgets in your home.

Without hearing them in action, and seeing how they respond, people can have a hard time grasping exactly what they sound like — and how they can appear in different products.

During our next Facebook Live, on Tuesday, September 25th, we'll have a few different gadgets on hand, at least one that works with three of the better known assistants: Amazon's Alexa, Google Home and also Apple's Siri.

Picture of Echo Dot on a desktopAmazon

On the smart speaker front, we'll have an Amazon Echo Dot and a Google Home Mini. We're also bringing in the Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant so you can see the smart assistant at work on a device with a screen. Finally, we'll show you Siri working through Shortcuts on an iPhone X, one of the newest features that came with Apple's iOS 12 update.

We'll ask all three questions, show you what they can do — and illustrate some of their features so you can them working, and hear them too. Not everyone is a fan of these smart assistant user interfaces. But until you try them, you can't decide for yourself.

Join us Tuesday, September 25th at 2pm on GearBrain's Facebook page to hear us talk and grill the three biggest smart assistants — and maybe see who is smarter than the other. (Or just watch our video of the live talk posted below.)

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