Will You Drive a Mac? +Drone Racing UK-Style

Will You Drive a Mac? +Drone Racing UK-Style

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Monday

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Apple Autonomous Push Don't count Apple out of the self-driving car market. The company sent a five-page letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission emphasizing that "new entrants" to the field should get the same access and green lights as those already testing. And the company also made sure to toot its own horn, so to speak, about its expertise in "machine learning." Will Apple have a self-driving car running in the near future? Will you bring your drive to the Genius Bar with transmission issues? We wont be surprised if we hear about Mac's being tested on public roads one day.

BMW Vs. Uber BMW wants to stay competitive with companies like Uber that charge people for rides, one day autonomously. To that end, the carmaker will test 40 cars equipped with self-driving tools in Munich in 2017. BMW has already launched a ride-sharing start-up, ReachNow, where people agree to share cars and pay by the minutes. One day the carmaker imagines those cars may give rides to users instead. (Via Reuters)

Drone Race UK The UK Drone Show Championship offered a £1,000 prize this weekend, nabbed by a 22-year-old drone pilot racing an FPV drone. Attendees were also treated to a synchronized drone show along with drone makers hawking their, often expensive, wares. (Via The Guardian)

Intel, Amazon Team In smart home terms, the partnership between Intel and Amazon could be a dream team of sorts. The two are banding together on a reported series of projects starting with a smart speaker that would include the Alexa voice AI as part of the feature. The two companies appear to want the offer the design to partner by early 2017, according to an Amazon blog post.

Smart Scent As the holidays approach, keeping the home scented is a nice way to relax into the season. We review a new eco-friendly device called Aera that allows you to adjust how much fragrance you want at any given time.

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