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Q&A with Z-Wave Alliance Live on Facebook August 28th at 2 pm ET

GearBrain talks with Z-Wave Alliance's Executive Director Mitchell Klein about smart home protocols — and why you should know how your devices connect

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We all have busy lives — and one thing we want is technology that just works. Whether that's a smart speaker that answers us when we ask a question or a front door that locks as requested, these products need to do what we expect of them, and more importantly work with each other. Z-Wave Alliance's Mitchell Klein is joining GearBrain on Tuesday August 28th at 2 pm on Facebook Live to explain how our devices communicate together, and why you likely have many of them chatting through Z-Wave's wireless protocol right now.

The Z-Wave Alliance is actually a consortium of 700 companies — that over see more than 2400 products — who are focused on having devices that work together over the Z-Wave wireless protocol. You may not know how these speakers, locks, lights, thermostats and thousands of items connect to each other — but they do, and they do well.

We're going to talk with Mitchell about wireless protocols, along with mesh networks and how that's improving the way your products work. You'll hear how Z-Wave differs from other standards and what to look for when you're actually in a store before you buy your next smart home device. We'll also talk about things to watch for in coming months that may improve how your home products work.

Bring your questions too as Mitchell and GearBrain will try to help you understand how to create the best smart home for you.

We'll see you on Facebook, live, Tuesday August 28th at 2 pm.

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