Elon Musk gets Hyperloop vehicle going 220 MPH

Elon Musk gets Hyperloop vehicle going 220 MPH

The Space X and Tesla founder gets the pusher pod going nearly about one-third the speed of sound

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Hyper Speed Elon Musk is imagining a world where people travel upwards of 760 mph — and yet don't spill their drink. Musk, the founder of Tesla and Space X, imagines a lot of things — and some of them come true. But this high-speed travel concept, Hyperloop, is a closed tube that Musk has proposed, at first, would travel a loop between Los Angeles, CA and San Francisco, CA — a distance of under 400 miles, yet would take just 35 minutes. The idea is also a joint venture between Tesla and Space X.

Musk has been running competitions over the past few days with students to see how fast a vehicle they could build. One team got upwards of 201 mph, but needed a boost from what's called a pusher pod, basically a stripped down vehicle that acted as an accelerator for the test models. Musk decided to toss his own name in the mix — testing the pushed pod itself. The result? The accelerator itself got up to 220 mph. (The speed of sound is roughly 761 mph.)

Musk believes that the pusher pod (seen below in Musk's Instagram post) could eventually get past 310 mph — or 500 km/h "...with a few tweaks or tiny pieces...," says Musk. While Hyperloop itself has had critics (many critics) Musk certainly has a decent track record to date for getting some forward-thinking ideas off the ground — and in the air.

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