Kuna Devices Are The New Home Security Devices Contolled by Amazon Alexa

Kuna Devices Are The New Home Security Devices Contolled by Amazon Alexa

All Kuna Powered products, including oudoor home security devices can now be controlled by Amazon Echo and Echo Dot using Alexa.

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One of the hottest gifts this holiday season is Amazon's Echo and its voice-activated virtual assistant, Alexa. GearBrain is a big fan of Amazon Echo and the devices that can work with it. On December 1, 2016, Kuna Systems , a smart home security services company announced all of their Kuna powered devices will have their products supported and controlled by Amazon Alexa. (See our review on Amazon Echo.)

One of the things that makes Amazon Echo very popular with consumers this holiday season is how it can make it easier for you to do things in your home, apartment or even your office. You can use Amazon Alexa's smart home skills to help you do simple things like turn your smart lights on and off with voice commands or even get it to alarm your home security system. Some people are leveraging the group function in Alexa app to turn multiple devices on and off. Kuna powered devices can now be set up to utilize this function. The company's integration with Amazon Echo further exemplifies Kuna's commitment to deliver simple, convenient and easy-to-use home security, allowing homeowners to proactively protect their homes.

"Our latest integration with Amazon Alexa makes protecting your home even more intuitive," said Haomiao Huang, co-founder and CTO at Kuna Systems. "As one of the first outdoor home security solutions, we are always looking for new ways to help homeowners protect what matters to them most. Integrating Kuna Powered devices with Amazon Alexa was the next step, as smart homes become more influenced by voice controls."

Kuna Systems and Kuna Powered devices are manufactured by Jaiwei and Toucan is manufactured by VuPoint Solutions. These two companies have integrated Kuna's technology into their devices to deliver convenient home monitoring services to customers nationwide through the Kuna mobile app.

The Kuna mobile app allows homeowners to receive immediate alerts when visitors come to their door and see and talk with those outside their home no matter where they are. Users can communicate in real-time using a two-way intercom, sound a siren alarm, turn the light on and off, view a live video feed or go back in time to review recordings for up to two hours after each event. Additionally, users have the option of subscribing to one of Kuna Systems' three premium plans to receive exclusive benefits, like unlimited downloads, lifetime threat protection and priority support.

GearBrain is in the process of testing Kuna's new Maximus Smart Security Light and will report back to you how it performs with commands from Amazon Alexa. But in the interim, you can learn more about Kuna Systems and Kuna Powered devices by visiting www.getkuna.com.

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