Apple iPhone bug is crashing iMessage and other apps

Apple iPhone bug is crashing iMessage and other apps

A single character appearing in a text field is shutting down apps in iOS

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A new bug is on the rounds, this one reportedly affecting iMessage, Twitter and other apps with just a single character. The reaction is set off when a specific character from the Telegu language spoken in India appears in a text field. The app tries to load the message and shuts down each time, says Italy's Mobile World.

The bug is not only reportedly affecting iOS, but also the Apple Watch operating system and the Mac desktop operating systems when using these apps. The character can be simply cut and pasted into a text field and sent.

Notifications that flash across the iPhone screen from iMessage and other apps are also creating problems. Any that contain the character, can reportedly cause an iPhone to go into bootloop — where the phone repeatedly tries to relaunch itself unsuccessfully.

Apple has gone through a spell of iOS bugs. One recent autocorrect issue, changed "it" to "I.T.", while another changed "i" to "A[?]." And just last week, some iPhone X users reported their phones not turning on when calls came through.

This current bug is reportedly not affecting the beta test of iOS 11.3 — but as that been hasn't widely pushed to most iPhone users, anyone still running iOS 11.2.5 may be affected.

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