2017 iPhone X vs 2007 iPhone 2G image gallery: What a difference a decade makes

2017 iPhone X vs 2007 iPhone 2G image gallery: What a difference a decade makes

10 years of evolution and refinement

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So here it is, finally. The iPhone X. Released later in the year than any iPhone to go before, the handset made to celebrate the original's 10th anniversary is now on sale around the world - and despite being the most expensive iPhone ever, the queues of adoring Apple fans were out in full force on day one.

Before we review the iPhone X for ourselves, we thought we would do something a little different. We've lined up the shiny new iPhone X with its great-grandfather, the 2007 original. Ten years separates the launch of these products, yet they both fulfil the same description Steve Jobs gave to the first iPhone a decade ago. They are a widescreen iPod, a mobile phone and a revolutionary internet device, all rolled into one.

The meanings of each element have been stretched somewhat over the years, and the word iPod was recently removed from Apple's vernacular, but you get the idea. Both are cellphones, both have internet connections, cameras, apps, media players, life organization tools, and both are beautifully designed to be as lustworthy as they are sophisticated and practical.

It's amazing to think how people use to say the original iPhone was big, with its 3.5-inch screen, and yet now the 5.8-inch iPhone X feels compact compared to the bulky but equally new iPhone 8 Plus. But some things remain almost unchanged; the home screen's reliance on a menu bar, a dock and a grid of apps, for example. Also the phones' volume keys and mute switch are in the same place.

Enough strolling down memory lane. Here are some exclusive GearBrain photos of the iPhone X and the iPhone 2G.

The 5.8-inch iPhone is noticeably smaller than the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus

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