MacBook Pro Gets A Touch Bar

MacBook Pro Gets A Touch Bar

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New MacBook Pro Mac is unifying its touchscreen, in a way, with a laptop. The new MacBook Pro will have a Touch Bar which will sit above the keyboard, letting users add emoji to their text or posts, embed applications with a single touch, answer phone calls and even make payments. How so? Touch ID is now integrated into the MAC, secured through a fingerprint scanner on the TouchBar, and letting you make payments directly through Apple Pay. This is a major re-design, and pricing starts at $1,799.

TV App Yes, Apple has reinvented its TV app and named it—TV. Lack of creativity aside, the new app is meant to unify all of your content apps and viewing options into one package. So instead of scrolling through to find HBO Go, and launch Game of Thrones", you can just click into the show from one point. There's even going to be a single sign-on so you enter id and passwords once, and you're done.

VR Meds Every parent has distraction to ease the fear of shots. But now some nurses are turning to virtual reality to help reduce the stress, and hopefully pinch, of getting vaccines or any needle stick. Using the "Happy Place" app from Oculus Rift, nurses at six clinics in Sweden kit patients with Oculus Rift devices. And some? Don't want to leave even when their vaccines are done. (Via STAT)

Eating Robot A robot that can eat and digest food? Yep. Scientists at Bristol Robotics Laboratory in the UK have designed just that—a robot that can eat, digest, then expel food. More key to this activity? The robot actually pulls the nutrients from the food to power itself. No, we're not talking about Big Macs here. Instead, the goal here is what scientists call "biomatter" that would be found in aquatic areas.

Gift of the Drone Have drone heads for pals and just you don't know what to get them for the holidays? We have a wide variety of flying devices—in a wide array of prices. Drones are the "it" gift this year, and one of our picks is sure to pique their interest, and appreciation.

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