a photo of Atom Studios iPhone 15 Pro Split Silicone Case powered by alara

Atom Studios New iPhone 15 Case Cuts Radiation by 75% - See How

The company announces new Eco-Friendly iPhone 15 Cases with Alara Tech for healthier use.

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In a significant leap towards healthier mobile use, Atom Studios has unveiled its latest innovation for the iPhone 15—the Split Silicone Case, equipped with Alara technology that slashes cellphone radiation exposure by up to 75%. This new product promises to provide iPhone users less radiation risk and more peace of mind.

Radiation Safety Meets Style

a photo of Atom Studios iPhone 15 Pro Split Silicone Case powered by alaraAtom Studios iPhone 15 Pro Split Silicone Case powered by alaraGearBrain

Atom Studios, an advocate for sustainable tech solutions, is now offering iPhone 15 owners a smart way to protect themselves from EMF radiation without sacrificing signal quality. The Split Silicone Case with Alara technology, now available for the tech-savvy and eco-conscious, doesn't just shield users from radiation; it does so with a flair for design and a nod to environmental responsibility.

Jason Ellis, CEO of Atom Studios, emphasizes the importance of this innovation, saying, "We recognize our devices are extensions of ourselves, and it's vital they contribute positively to our health. By incorporating Alara technology to reduce radiation exposure, Atom Studios offers a case and a wellness tool for the modern smartphone user. "Our goal is to harmonize technology with health, ensuring peace of mind in every interaction with your device."

Chief Scientist Ryan McCaughey, with a Ph.D. in Physics and a specialist in cellphone radiation, stands behind the Alara-powered case's scientific grounding. "We take a science-first approach to ensure quality and credibility with Alara," said McCaughey. "This technology helps ease any fears consumers might have about the time spent near or using their phones."

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Design Meets Durability

a photo of the side controls on the Atom Studios iPhone 15 Pro Split Silicone Case powered by alaraSide controls of Atom Studios iPhone 15 Pro Split Silicone Case powered by alaraGearBrain

The Split Silicone Cases, priced at $99.99, come in arctic gray, taupe, and powder blue and are available on the company's website. They are crafted from a sand silicone that's as durable as eco-friendly—combining soft-touch materials with recycled plastic for long-lasting use. Their unique dual-material design is a testament to Atom Studios' commitment to functional, premium design and radiation protection.

Note: Alara technology has been independently tested by RF Exposure Lab, an independent, accredited facility, showing that Alara-powered products reduce exposure to cellphone radiation.

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Features for Modern Convenience

a photo of Atom Studios iPhone 15 Pro Split Silicone Case powered by alara unboxedAtom Studios iPhone 15 Pro Split Silicone Case powered by alara unboxedGearBrain

These cases cater to modern needs with quick charge and MagSafe compatibility, fortified with larger magnets for secure attachment. They boast 10-foot drop protection and a raised edge for extra safety for screens and cameras.

Each purchase contributes to Atom Studios' environmental efforts, with a tree planted in partnership with Ecologi, reflecting the company's dedication to sustainability.

Who is Atom Studios

For those of you who are not familiar with Atom Studios, they are the brainchild of a team with a wealth of experience in building tech accessories. They aim to deliver market-leading accessories that excel in design, sustainability, and functionality. With a history rooted in some of the largest consumer tech brands, Atom Studios desires to meet emerging consumer needs for products that marry performance with responsible design. You can learn more about Atom Studios' innovative products and sustainability pledges by visiting

If you are in the market for an iPhone 15 smartphone case and want a case that can reduce radiation from the smartphone and is made of sustainable materials, then Atom Studious's new Split Silicone case is for you. We have tested these new cases and like what we see. They are durable and do an excellent job of protecting one of your most important investments, your cell phone.

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