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These Apps Can Increase Productivity For Businessmen and Businesswomen

See which apps can help you run your small business on your iPhone or iPad today.

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Running a business is not easy. Thanks to modern advanced technologies, you can facilitate your routine, as well as that of your employees. Regardless of what realm you work in or what business you run, you can always increase productivity with apps and improve your workflow, and your collaboration with employees. The developers have worked hard so that everyone could download the most helpful tools from the App Store and facilitate their lives.

Business owners are not an exception. They can run their businesses much easier right on their iPhone. Plenty of apps are called to facilitate your routine regardless of whether you are selling car wheels or laptops. Everyone who runs his business, startup, or just manages a small team of workers, will find the following tools for his or her iOS device very effective.

FAX from iPhone: Fax App

Faxing is a must for almost every business owner. Yes, people in the modern world still use this method of communication, and moreover, they use it quite effectively. Lots of users often ask: can I fax from iPhone and the answer is yes, you can now! A Fax app will be one of the most helpful solutions you could ever think of. The app allows everyone to send and receive faxes on the go, sign the documents, and select the phone number they wish.

Install it on the App Store and forget about using old-fashioned faxing machines that take not only a lot of space in your office but also too much time. You do not need to rush to your home or office to send or receive faxes anymore. Your iPhone is the only thing needed. The app allows you to scan the necessary document whenever and wherever you are. Just take your phone, scan the document, letter, ID, bill, or whatever you wish, and choose the receiver.

Even when using the same iOS device, you can pick your fax number and change it for free once a month. The number allows you to share documents within the USA or Canada. Importing files isn’t time-consuming either. You can pick any format from PDF to PNG. The app has a built-in scanner that allows you to take very quick snaps and crop the documents in a matter of an eye blink.

Tracking the history of sent and received files is also easy. It will allow you to always be sure that your file reached the receiver. No one will be able to tell you that they did not receive your email or postal letter. E-signature with the help of just one finger will secure your documents. Such a fax tool is the best application for businessmen who need to send and receive business correspondence all the time.

Trello — for managing your tasks

Trello is one of the top apps that allows you to collaborate with your team. It has both free and paid plans. Free plans are enough to complete all the necessary tasks and succeed in your workflow. Even the biggest adversaries of technology will love this app. No matter how big your team is and what you work on, having all your tasks managed is a must.

Trello can be used right on your browser or downloaded from the AppStore. It means the app is suitable for laptops, iPads, and iPhones. Thanks to it, you can set tasks, track their progress, and see whether the deadlines are met. The whole team can discuss the process and collaborate on one task effectively.

Expensify — to manage your expenses

If you need to find the right solution for the business, you should manage your expenses successfully. Lots of small business owners will appreciate this tool. Whether you have a bookkeeper or manage your income and expenses on your own, it’s crucial to keep track of them. You do not need to track your receipts manually but can do it using one single app.

Just take a photo of your receipt or bill and the details will be transcribed automatically. Each of them will be categorized. This app saves plenty of time and effort. When each of your employees uses it, you can easily receive their business receipts for reimbursement. Synchronize it with most accounting software. There are plenty of expense management apps for individuals but this one is perfect for business.

Microsoft To Do (formerly Wunderlist) — to write and share your to-do lists

If you run a business, writing to-do lists all the time is a must. This app is one of the best options to do it. Create multiple lists, assign tasks to your employees, and collaborate remotely easily. The app is great to manage your team and track its progress on the assigned tasks.

The four apps above will be very helpful for all business owners and startuppers. If you are a private entrepreneur and do not have a large team, the apps on the list will be anyways very helpful. Use them in your everyday routine to boost not only your effectiveness but the productivity of your team.

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