Five best selling apps to help you get rid of the clutter

Five best selling apps to help you get rid of the clutter

It's never too early for spring cleaning — and make a bit of money in the process

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Every time I move — which is a lot, considering I live in New York City — I find myself with boxes of clothes and things that I just don't need anymore. I always wonder how I accumulate all these boxes. Some get donated, some sold if I'm short on cash.

While eBay or Etsy are the go-to places they can take quite a big chunk of profit from fees. Here are five other e-commerce sites that can help you de-clutter your home, and sell what you don't want to someone who may think it a treasure.


best selling apps make money

After upgrading a smartphone, Decluttr can bring a bit of extra cash by selling older tech devices


I admit I'm a bit of a hoarder — I've kept every phone I've had since elementary school because, well, even folding phones are now back in fashion. But should I want to make a bit of room for my next digital purchase, Decluttr lets you sell your used or unused tech with payments the following day.

The site is perfect for those who may have upgraded to a new Macbook Air, for example, but still have an old Acer which works perfectly fine. And if you're not happy with the valuation that they offer, you can get your products back for free.


best selling apps make money

Selling designer duds? Tradesy is a solid place to start


Have a closet full of runway items that you'd never want to wear again? Or maybe you've been eyeing a Chanel bag that would go amazing with a pair of Louboutin heels. Tradesy specializes in selling and buying of designer clothes that people want to get off their hands.

Tradesy showcases everything from Prada fanny packs or Balenciaga puffer coats, some of them up to 70 percent off its regular prices. And yes, you can sell your own goods here too, and walk away with pocket money, perfect to fund your next splurge.

Facebook Marketplace

best selling apps make money

With a Facebook account, anyone can post things to sell on its Marketplace site


Facebook Marketplace is a bit of a quirky territory — we've seen everything from drones to duck eggs, old DVDs to apartments available for sublet. Marketplace is available inside Facebook's apps, available to anyone who has an account with the social media site Facebook account.

You can start selling with a simple click, there's no need for all that sign up hassle, and since you sell directly to a buyer, you don't need to pay a fee.


Anything in your home can practically be sold on Craigslist


Craigslist, with its minimalist exterior and somewhat overwhelming ads, it's still one of the most used websites for buying and selling unwanted items whether that's a smartphone or a Google Home smart speaker. My one advice would be to thoroughly vet buyers and sellers through social media before meeting up in real life.

Finally, if all else fails, ask your friends and family if they want any of your items. Asking for money might be touchy, but at least you won't have boxes of stuff stacked up to the ceiling.


best selling apps make money

You can donate your items to thredUP or sell for cash or credit on the site


The online thrift store thredUP specializes in secondhand clothing up to 90 percent off their retail price. If your clothes aren't quite expensive enough for Tradesy, thredUP is probably your place. There's around 15,000 new arrivals that post to the site each day, and the company checks each and every one of them for authenticity.

You can either donate your items or sell for cash or credit — anything that's unacceptable will be either shipped back or recycled responsibly so there's no hassle on your part. It's a perfect way to reduce waste and give back at the same time.

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