Cadillac launches 'Super Cruise,' letting you drive smoothly, with no hands

Cadillac launches 'Super Cruise,' letting you drive smoothly, with no hands

Cadillac's launch gives drivers a new hands-free driving option for the road.

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Super Cruise No, that's not our nickname for Tom Cruise. This is Cadillac's latest technology push—a true hands free option that will let drivers hit the road without touching the steering wheel. Don't take our word for it, video of Super Cruise is below. The hands free feature uses LIDAR data to read the road, along with cameras, sensors and GPS. The 2018 Cadillac CT6 will definitely feature the technology which will be available in the fall of 2017, according to Cadillac.

The car will apparently be map reading your face, as well, noting if you're paying attention—and if you're actually in the front seat. This is not going to be a self-driving car option where you can take a snooze in the back. If the car senses your not watching the road, lights will flash on the steering wheel, and your seat will vibrate too. The system is meant for highway driving, though—which is typically a smoother ride than start and stop traffic on city streets.

Amazon hackers Amazon is plagued by hackers, says The Wall Street Journal, which reports that third-party seller accounts are being taken over, their passwords and email accounts stolen and then used to sell fake goods—stealing buyers money. The accounts are reportedly those that have been left unused for awhile.

Google Home Want to let every family member have their own account on Google Home? Now you can, according to a new release, first reported by Android Police. The site says the feature isn't live quite yet, but eventually will allow several different people to get their own personalized account via the app.

Leak detector Think water leaks aren't a big deal? Then you've never seen your bathroom wall come down because of an upstairs neighbor's running water. Water can cause incredible levels of damage, which is why a smart leak detector is never a bad device to have in your home. We took a look at Insteon's Leak Sensor, so you can take tally of what this tiny gadget can help you avoid.

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