Is Google Home Good Enough To Run Your Home?

Is Google Home Good Enough To Run Your Home?

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Friday

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Smart Home Via Google? Google is pushing to compete with Amazon Alexa's of the world. Feelings around its voice-enabled speaker Google Home? Mixed. The Verge gave the $129 Home glowing praise, noting that the device includes, well, Google. And for many that will be a done deal right there. USA Today though missed being able to add events to Google Calendar, and not being able to pull up details as well as they could on Echo. Finally, Computerworld believes that Google Home is the best of any voice control device out here today—but still has room to grow. Voice-control is the way most experts believe smart home devices will link and connect. Which system we use—Alexa, Siri or now Google Home—is a choice essentially left in consumers' hands. The product that is the most simple to use, and links to products and apps consumers already devices is more likely to get the lead.

Hackers Delight If you thought the IoT security maelstrom was overwhelming last month, you're going to want to sit up. A new paper says the need to secure products that connect to the internet is only growing. The vulnerability lies, in some cases, in the way these devices connect to the internet—particularly those that connect through ZigBee, including Philips Hue smart light bulbs. One problem is a worm that spreads wirelessly through these smart devices which can then brick these products or have control over them—and is what the researchers did. Philips Hue has since updated their OS. Curious how to better protect your networks? We have some tips and will also be continuing to follow IoT security concerns closely.(Via The New York Times)

Kid Fit Weight gain in childhood is something parents and medical experts believe is not healthy. Encouraging them to exercise, though,can be difficult. Kurbo, an app focused specifically on teens and children, now links to the Fitbit fitness tracker, Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale and the Fitbit app. The app is not free, however— but priced at $300 for six months. Why the pricing? You get an actual coach (via Skype or Facetime) who keeps a child on track, and active.

Samsung Pay Calling all Dick Tracy fans: want to pick up your cab fare, a new suit and your date's dinner just by tipping your wrist? Samsung's new Gear S3 will have built in with Samsung Pay right from the smartwatch. The device will also let you answer calls, send texts and, yes, work as a fitness device. Pre-orders begin Sunday, Nov 6, with the Gear S3 available on Nov 18 starting at $350.

Design Watch Huawei has hit the fitness wearable market with a new smartwatch, the Huawei Fit, that is likely to appeal to a casual exerciser who demands an aesthetic appeal to their devices. We reviewed the smartwatch which web on sale yesterday.

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