a photo of iRobot Roomba s9+ robot vacuum cleaning a floor

Roomba s9+ vacuum now hugs corners, sending a new Braava to mop up behind

The Braava jet m6 also debuts from iRobot, with the mop and vacuum working in tandem

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A new cleaning duo is available, able to get into tough places robot vacuums have had trouble reaching in the past. Both from iRobot, the Roomba s9+ and the Braava jet m6 work together, with the mop able to follow up once the vacuum has done its job. That feature comes through what Roomba calls Imprint Link Technology, which tells the Braava to got out and mop after the Roomba has come back.

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Roomba s9+ design has changed

The new Roomba s9+ picks up from the i7+ technology, but has a new look. Gone is the completely round shape of the previous robot vacuums from iRobot, and now there's a flat edge on the front. That different shape, plus a new corner brush, gives the s9+ the ability to hug corners, picking up dust and debris right against base boards, which the i7+ and previous robots had trouble collecting.

A new design puts the bin in the center of the Roomba s9+, which can lifted from the topA new design puts the bin in the center of the iRobot s9+, which can lifted from the topGearBrain

The vacuum is more powerful as well, with 40 times the suction of the 600 series and four times the i7+, Roomba told GearBrain. There's also a new sensor in the front, reading in 3D which helps it read areas the vacuum can get in, and out of, before it ventures into a space.

A new Nucleus design, as iRobot calls it, now placed the bin in the center of the robot. Lifting up the center lid, customer can just grab the case — which is larger than previous models at almost 550 ml — and empty it themselves. An anti-allergen system inside the vacuum is designed to pick up 99 percent of pollen and mold and keeping them locked in the bin, Roomba claims.

Like the i7+, customer can purchase a separate self-cleaning base for the s9+, holding up to 30 bins of debris. But customers who bought the i7 and its base will need one specific to the s9+ if they're upgrading, because of the shift in design requires a different base.

The Braava jet m6, pictured here, can clean up to 1,000 square feetThe Braava jet m6 can clean up to 1,000 square feetGearBrain

Braava jet m6 follows automatically

The Braava robot mop gets spruced up as well, able to cover 1,000 square feet, and has a battery pack that is moved inside, like other Roomba. There's a large water tank, 500 ml, for water, and it's in the center of the robot. Customers are encouraged as well to use either the company's own cleaning solution or just tap water for better performance, which means you don't have to spend extra for distilled.

Pads that work on the new Braava jet m6 need to be either washed or replaced — and there are four different kinds: two for dry sweeping, that are either single use or reusable, and the same for mopping.

Customers will pay $7.99 for seven disposable pads, wet or dry, and $24.99 for two wet or two dry washable pads. Roomba said that in North America, the preferred style if a disposal pad, while in Europe, customers lean towards reusable pads.

Pads for the Braava mopping robot, pictured here, come in either a reusable or a disposable designPads for the Braava mopping robot come in either a reusable or a disposable designGearBrain

The Braava is designed to know not to roll over carpet by detecting thresholds that change the height of a floor. If customers have flooring that changes a bit, or a high lip going from one room to another, they may have to lift the Braava up and physically move it into the next space.

Both are available on iRobot's web site now for those in the U.S. and Canada, with the s9+ with its self-cleaning base priced at $1299. You can also buy the Roomba separately for just $999. The Braava jet m6 is priced at $499. Starting June 9, customers will also be able to buy them at certain retailers. The cleaning robots will also be available in certain European countries starting July 12, with the Braava jet m6 priced at €699 and the Roomba s9+ at €1499.

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