Teddy Bear Spy Net

Teddy Bear Spy Net

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Tuesday

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Teddy Spykins A company that sells internet connected teddy bears has had much of its data hacked, and held for ransom including recordings children and parents leave for each other through the toy. The hack of CloudPets was uncovered by Motherboard which reported the breach also included emails and passwords. Security concerns about children's toys is what prompted the German government to ban a doll called Cayla from its entire country. That doll, which connected to the internet via Bluetooth and WiFi, worried German authorities that it could be hacked.

Bad Robot This is one robot you may not want in your home. Boston Dynamics has developed a creepy creature called Handle, which can move 9 mph and (wait for it) straight-up jump four feet vertically in the air. We saw a teaser of this robot last month. The robot can also go for 15 minutes on one battery charge.

Moon ShotSpace X has booked its first two private passengers for a flight around the moon. The trip, which will be taken by two still-unnamed people, is planned for late 2018. Venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson, who is a Space X board member, also mentioned the news on Facebook.

Alexa's Aptitude Alexa can do your bidding (within reason) but has yet to tell the difference between your request—and that of your roommate's. But Amazon is working on expanding Alexa's repertoire so the AI can discern the timber of your voice from someone else's. The company has already been working on this feature for a couple of years. No timeline on when we may see it in our Echo or Dot. (Via Time)

VR Specs Don't even think of buying a VR or AR headset, (or your next one) without taking a look at our list of the 11 crucial VR questions you need to ask yourself first. You'll thank us.

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