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College smart devices: Facebook Live today at 2 pm ET

Tech to give your dorm room — and college life — a boost

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Updated September 5, 2018: Students are heading back to college, moving back into dorm rooms, towing suitcases and mini-fridges. Far beyond a hot plate and alarm clock, connected devices can help create a smartened-up, cleaner and more relaxing space that works as a place to sleep, study and relax after class.

For our fourth Facebook Live (it's been a month!) we're going to talk about the different devices that we think can boost college life, even if you're living on or off campus. Don't assume all technology is expensive. Sure, your smartphone easily rang up in the hundreds of dollars. Some products however can bring a return for as little as $20.

Smart bulbs, for example, are an easy and inexpensive way to change the energy in a room, boosting colors that encourage studying or cooling down a space as evening (and hopefully sleep) approaches.

A clean room can also help students with their ability to focus. We've looked at a number of smart vacuum cleaners at GearBrain, which we agree can be an investment. Some however are tough enough — and priced much lower than the top brand — to keep the floor of your apartment or dorm free from cookie crumbs, chips and whatever other detritus hides under your bed.

Our editors spend a lot of time with smart speakers — and there's a good reason. These voice-enabled, internet-connected products are almost designed for college life. They can help control different devices in your space, plus bring up important details like the weather, news — and even your calendar so you never miss a class, midterm or a meeting with your advisor. Some colleges, like USC, Ohio State even have Alexa Skills designed just for them.

Join us at 2 pm ET today on GearBrain's Facebook Live to hear more about how these smart tools can help amp your college life — or someone heading to college this year. You can also watch a replay of our Facebook Live below.

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