6 cool car devices and driving apps for the ultimate commute

Living outside of the city doesn't mean your time getting to work can't be fun

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When I lived outside of the city and had a car, the commute into work was always close to unbearable. I couldn't reach anything in the backseat, I always made a mess of my breakfast and worst of all, I couldn't touch my phone.

Over time, I learned some tricks to make the car ride more bearable. I put my phone in the sun visor for hands free calling, used straws in my coffee so not to spill, and played the radio once in a while for variety from my Spotify playlist. I also learned that smart devices and apps made all the difference — here's six to help you too.

Automatic Connected Car


The Automatic Connected Car connects to your car with an adapter and monitors your driving habits by accessing your car's on-board computer and connects it to the cloud. The Automatic Lite is around $80 and has trip logging, business tagging, engine light diagnostics, Bluetooth syncing and more. For another $50, you can get the Pro which also has unlimited 3G syncing, crash alert, live vehicle tracking and more.

You won't ever need to guess what's wrong with your car again or struggle over getting proof for insurance

companies. Buy on Amazon or Best Buy for $109.99

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