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In France, Air Mail Takes On New Meaning

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Air Mail In France, air mail is literally that—mail that travels through the air, this time by drone. The country has given permission to its postal service to start delivering a select mail route via drone. The drone can reportedly carry about 6.6 pounds, and can travel for 30 miles. Currently the drone travels one time a week, on a route in the south of France, in Provence. Mail is being sent only to a group of technology startups, and not homes, and is being dropped off at a "delivery terminal," according to a release from the DPDgroup, which is a subsidiary of the country's postal service. Drones are quickly being used to replace traditional delivery services, with more disruption expected in the new year.

Waymo Woos Honda Waymo may have another suitor for its self-driving technology: Honda. The Alphabet-owned company (and formerly Google's self-driving project) is talking with Honda about the Japanese car maker using the technology in modified Honda vehicles. Honda has made clear it would like to have self-driving cars on the road by 2020.

Wearables Stalled Did you buy a fitness wearable this year? Chances are if you thought about it — you didn't. So says a new report from eMarketer which cut its forecast for the U.S. wearables market from 2015 to this year. Once thought to grow 60 percent, the wearables area is only expected to see about a 25 percent jump by the end of 2016 from the year before—or just under 16 percent of the U.S. population.

Wireless Car Charging Wireless charging has yet to catch on heavily with devices. But already one company is exploring how to wirelessly charge an electric car. WiTricity is working with GM to see if the cars could be charged by driving them on to a giant charging pad in a consumer's garage. Currently, drivers have to head to electric charging stations to top up their electric vehicles. A charging station in the home is likely to boost adoption. (Via Engadget)

Geo-Fencing Want to know how to get more control of your smart home even while away from the house? We took a look at Nexia's latest feature, geo-fencing, and we're surprised with the results.

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