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The FAA is grounding drones in Corpus Christi because people can't stop gawking

Drones checking out the damage from Hurricane Harvey are thwarting rescue crews.

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Drones down The damage from Hurricane Harvey is so extensive, people launched drones in the air to get a better look. But the flying machines were getting in the way of rescue operations, namely first responders trying to get to people who are trapped in flooded areas.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had already issued two Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) in Corpus Christi earlier last week, in preparation of the hurricane, which prevented flights other than those approved by Air Traffic Control. But the FAA took one step further, warning drone operators that any interference with rescue operations would make pilots subject to fines even in areas that didn't have a TFR. The Texas Military Department posted a map on Facebook that outlined regions they did not want to see civilian drones flying in or near while emergency teams were out. And the FAA tweeted their request as well — in case people just did not get the message to keep their drones on the ground.

Camera drones can produce incredible photos and video, from vantage points that regular people can't get to on their own. Drones employed by rescue crews, can be vital tools, helping to locate missing people. A two-man drone team out of McAllen, Texas is reportedly working with Houston search and rescue teams to help locate residents and assess Harvey's damage. But flying drones into rescue operations just for a gawk is dangerous. So bring them down. (Via KHOU Texas)

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