Genesis Augmented Reality — your one stop shop for warriors, beasts and gods

Genesis Augmented Reality — your one stop shop for warriors, beasts and gods

If 'World of Warcraft' was an augmented reality mobile game, this would be it

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If you're a huge nerd for mythical creatures like me, you'll love the concept of Genesis Augmented Reality — it's like if a fantasy novel came to life on the screen of your smartphone. Fight, explore and collect throughout the galaxies and come out on top.

Using augmented reality (AR), the app allows you to fight your battles on whatever surroundings you're in at the moment — as long as you have your anchor sheet. Download and print the base or use whatever electronic device you have to display it.

When you first open the game, you'll have to complete a tutorial — sign in with Facebook and follow the guide to understand the controls. It kind of sucks that you can't play with "Guest" even though it's an option.

You need to play Genesis Augmented Reality over a game sheet or a flat screen with the board visible belowGearBrain

On the gameplay screen, you basically have four attack options — three special one and one basic physical attack. Using those, you'll need to defeat the creatures around you — Rharkon's dominion if you will. There's also the Genesis button which will take you back to the home screen and another joystick like control to move around with.

On the home screen, there's options to take you to a character bank, single player mode, your friend list, a store, a random battle, an AR example screen and settings.

After the tutorial, they'll give you a character — I got Aurora, magical Celtic woman with powers from the Druids. How do I know this? Well, each unlocked character comes with a backstory about five pages long. While they're pretty long to read, the back story can be interesting if you've got the time.

The actual gameplay in the app is a bit spotty — I didn't have a print out so I played right from my computer, but it was pretty flat and worked well. However, the computer wasn't the problem — when battling it out on a random planet I found, the scene always shifted a bunch when I moved my phone.

There's very little options in the background where your character playsGearBrain

You're not really supposed to move that much but I was really getting into it and needed to shift to see the bad guys. Also, there tended to be a lag when I was doing to much or tapping the attack buttons quicker than usual. And the scene only varied a bit between planets — there were always rocks and the weird electricity orbs, sometimes with color variation.

For me, fighting games usually get boring after a bit so it's not really my type of app, but I know most people like mobile games like PUBG or Injustice: Gods Among Us for mobile so if that's your thing, go ahead and try this one.


  • Creative gameplay
  • Sleek design
  • Colorful characters.


  • Lagging,
  • Required anchor card
  • Poor augmented reality
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