Harman Ready Together technology on displays on a car's dashboard screens.

HARMAN Enhances In-Vehicle Communication and Entertainment Experiences with Two New Systems

HARMAN's new in-vehicle systems, Ready Together and Software Enabled Branded Audio, upgrades the audio, entertainment and communication experiences for everyone.

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Family trips or road trips are going to be getting a huge upgrade thanks to HARMAN. They have figured out a way to provide in-vehicle experiences with the highest quality audio and entertainment systems which include advanced connectivity and communication for all passengers.

Today, HARMAN, announced two new acoustic innovations, Ready Together and Software Enabled Branded Audio, during the HARMAN EXPLORE 2022 event. Ready Together uses advanced acoustic technology to streamline and enhance in-vehicle communication and entertainment. Software Enabled Branded Audio is an on-demand software platform that upgrades the sound quality and feature set of existing unbranded car audio systems with the touch of a button. Both products are ready for in-vehicle integration.

Photo of inside of Lincoln Navigator with HARMAN's new entertainment and communication systems.HARMAN

Based on HARMAN’s extensive consumer research and feedback, consumers are looking for new ways to improve time in the car, including advanced connection and communication, added customization capabilities, and accessible high-quality listening experiences. As the in-vehicle entertainment and audio segment continues to grow, HARMAN is focused as much on the needs of everyday drivers and their families, as on those of audiophiles. By delivering the great experiences that they expect and love, Ready Together and Software Enabled Branded Audio elevate time in the vehicle for the whole family.

“At HARMAN, we remain hyper-focused on delivering new in-vehicle solutions that directly solve entertainment, communication and productivity pain points for drivers and passengers alike, all while providing the same consumer tech experiences that they enjoy outside the vehicle,” said Chris Ludwig, Vice President, EPIC Experience Team at HARMAN International. “By offering these experiences via automotive-grade applications, HARMAN can now provide the whole family with their own personal content and space, while allowing them to remain safely connected and engaged with others while in the car.”

Entertainment, Communication and Productivity for the Whole Family

Photo of a car's entertainment system showing HARMAN Ready Together software.

HARMAN Ready Together


Ready Together delivers better ways for the entire family to be safely connected while enjoying shared or personalized entertainment in the vehicle. It manages and optimizes features like voice prompts, alerts, and music/media to work together as an integrated whole, for seamless information and communication. Ready Together also uses advanced sound zone technology so that each occupant can enjoy their own media – while also allowing shared experiences and conversation, providing a sense of harmony for any trip.

Key features include:

  • Immersive Audio Experiences: Families can enjoy an amazing, shared listening experience, powered by the latest audio innovations from HARMAN. When they want to enjoy their own content, sound zone technology enables that level of personalization.
  • Enhanced In-Car Communication: Advanced noise management, microphone, and voice processing capability enables clear, frustration-free conversations for all vehicle occupants.
  • Customized profiles: A fully customizable experience for families that caters to every lifestyle. Dedicated profiles and presets for each driver and passenger deliver independent entertainment, customized for all types of trips, with no interruptions.

HARMAN will also introduce an updated Personal Audio Headrest as part of the Ready Together solution. The Personal Audio Headrest’s unique design is more efficient and streamlined to create the best audio headrest on the market. The Personal Audio Headrest safely delivers elevated levels of audio performance in an ergonomic and comfortable way. Additionally, the modular design allows OEMs seamless in-cabin integration with their preferred seating system. With the ability to adjust their immersion level from 2-channel stereo to full surround sound, passengers can customize an individual car audio experience to suit their personal preferences and needs.

Base Audio Systems Transformed On Demand with Branded HARMAN Sound and Features

Photo of a car's dashboard with HARMAN'S new audio system installed.

HARMAN Software Enabled Branded Audio on a car's screen.


Software Enabled Branded Audio offers consumers a user-friendly and affordable way to elevate and customize their unbranded in-cabin audio systems to deliver the sound and character of HARMAN’s renowned Infinity brand – on demand and with no additional hardware required. For the first time, an existing unbranded base car audio system can be instantly upgraded to a high-quality HARMAN branded audio experience.

Software Enabled Branded Audio features personalized audio features and brand-new, customizable sound experiences for any style of listening.

Key features include:

  • Infinity Branded Sound On Demand: Easily activated through the in-vehicle infotainment system at any point during the life of the vehicle.
  • Personalized EQ Overlay: Customized according to individual listening tests based on HARMAN’s patented Personi-Fi technology.
  • Seat-specific tuning: Optimized for location and number of occupants and enhances image and overall sound quality.
  • Multi-profile user management: Personalized settings for each user to switch between easily and quickly.

Customizable sound experiences are created with technology based on HARMAN’s Virtual Venues, which transforms the vehicle interior with the acoustic characteristics of a real-world performance environment. Experiences include:

  • Live, replicating the acoustics of live stadium environments.
  • Club, delivering a crisp, punchy bass experience.
  • Talk, enhancing spoken content through customized filters that accentuate the vocal range.

Software Enabled Branded Audio includes an easy-to-use UI that serves as a control center for users and integrates with the OEM’s e-commerce and cloud platforms, managing activation and offering opportunities for monetization.

To learn more about the future of in-vehicle entertainment, communication and connectivity, you should visit HARMAN's site. You will be amazed on where we are heading to make all trips, including the ones with your parents more enjoyable and productive for all.

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