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Volkswagen Group Expands In-Car App Offerings with HARMAN Automotive and CARIAD

Transform Your Driving Experience with New Apps from HARMAN and CARIAD

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For all you car enthusiasts who want to use more apps in your car, we have some good news. HARMAN Automotive and CARIAD, the software arm of Volkswagen Group, have announced an exciting expansion to their Group Application Store. This development brings over 70 new apps to various Volkswagen Group models, offering drivers a more comprehensive range of in-car digital experiences.

Integration with HARMAN Ignite Store

The Group Application Store integrates seamlessly with the HARMAN Ignite Store, an infotainment solution that allows car manufacturers to manage third-party content, enhance user experiences, and maintain customer relationships. Compliant with Android Automotive Operating System (AAOS) standards, the HARMAN Ignite Store connects original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with developers to provide unique in-vehicle digital experiences.

"As a fully compliant Android Automotive OS app store, HARMAN Ignite Store continues to bring new app experiences into the vehicle, delivering on what consumers expect today," said Jens Beckmann, Senior Director and Business Lead for Store & FOD at HARMAN International. "Our growing ecosystem of apps spans diverse sectors, ensuring there is something for everyone."

Audi Leads the Way

Audi A4All models of Audi A4 offer CarPlay and Android Auto as standard Audi

Audi is at the forefront of this initiative, having already implemented the store in select models from the 2024 model year onwards. The all-new Audi Q6 e-tron, arriving in August, will also feature this store, with other Volkswagen Group brands expected to follow suit.

New App Additions

The Group Application Store will soon feature a variety of new apps, enhancing the driving experience with diverse functionalities:

  • This app simplifies the process of finding and booking hotel rooms, apartments, flights, and rental cars, making travel arrangements more convenient.
  • Eventseeker: Designed to minimize search time, Eventseeker provides detailed information on concerts, sports, theater, comedy, festivals, and cultural events in any city and offers a personalized in-car event service.
  • Livil: The "In-Car Messenger" app integrates communication and work channels, streamlining the driver's communication processes with voice assistance and generative AI.
  • Shelly Smart Control: This app offers a seamless Internet of Things (IoT) experience, allowing users to monitor and control Shelly devices globally. It helps track energy usage and provides monthly electricity bill forecasts.
  • Tennis TV: ATP Media's streaming service offers live streaming of up to 2,500 matches annually, with full replays, match highlights, classic matches, and behind-the-scenes content.

Future Collaborations

HARMAN is actively collaborating with additional companies to expand the app offerings further:

  • Bloomberg: The Bloomberg app will allow users to listen to Bloomberg Radio, podcasts, and text-to-audio stories from on their car's display screens.
  • Microsoft: A collaboration with Microsoft will introduce new content and experiences, including Microsoft Teams integration. This will enable users to join Teams meetings directly through their in-vehicle calendar via a web conferencing app developed by HARMAN.

Enhanced User Experience

Integrating these new apps into the Group Application Store is set to transform the driving experience for Volkswagen Group customers. Whether planning a trip, staying informed with the latest news, attending virtual meetings, or enjoying entertainment, these apps provide a variety of functionalities that enhance convenience, productivity, and enjoyment on the road.

The availability of these apps also highlights the Volkswagen Group's commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to its customers. By partnering with leading tech companies and leveraging the capabilities of the HARMAN Ignite Store, Volkswagen Group is poised to offer a superior in-car digital ecosystem that caters to the diverse needs of modern drivers.


The introduction of new apps to the Group Application Store marks a significant step forward in the evolution of in-car digital experiences. With over 70 apps available depending on the model and market, Volkswagen Group is providing its customers with an unprecedented range of functionalities that enhance the convenience, safety, and enjoyment of driving.

Audi's early adoption of the Group Application Store sets a precedent for other Volkswagen Group brands, ensuring that more customers will soon benefit from these advanced features. As HARMAN continues collaborating with more companies, the available apps will only grow, further enriching the in-car experience.

For Volkswagen Group car owners, the future of driving is not just about getting from point A to point B but about enjoying a seamless, connected, and enriched journey. With the Group Application Store and its wide array of apps, Volkswagen Group is setting a new standard for what drivers can expect from their vehicles in the digital age.

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