Buying a Google device isn’t such a crazy idea anymore

Google Assistant is not giving an inch to Alexa

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Google Assistant now works with 5,000 different devices, letting people connect and control products through its voice-enabled A.I. Sure, Google's smart assistant lacks a clever, human-sounding name like its main competitor Alexa — but that doesn't mean the A.I. doesn't work.

Google is clearly refusing to back down from owning the ultimate voice assistant in your home — or for that matter in your pocket or on your wrist. The A.I. not only works in the Google Home smart speakers, but in Android smartwatches and smartphones, including the soon-to-be launched LG ThinQ G7.

Working with just 1,500 devices in January, this leap to 5,000 is big and includes products from security systems like Vivint Smart Home to smart locks including those from August. LG appliance connections are coming, as are partnerships with Xiaomi lights and others.

We took a deep-dive at GearBrain of the main smart assistants you can find inside your gadgets: Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft's Cortana, Samsung's Bixby and of course Apple's Siri. Google Assistant ranked really high among the experts we talked to — and this was back in 2017.

Working with Google Assistant is often as simple as just launching a Google Command, and friendly "Hey Google." Sounds like more of these phrases are going to be heard in homes in the coming months.

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