Biometric Security: How It's Evolving In IoT

Biometric Security: How It's Evolving In IoT

Learn how biometrics are used to secure your new connected devices

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What is biometrics? Think of unique markers, or "...metrics related to human characteristics," as Wikipedia says, that are used by computer systems to identify, secure and grant (or not grant) access to information and data. These features are also what is driving Internet of Things or IoT device to help keep you safe.

Today, more manufacturers of connected devices are looking at using biometrics for security reasons. They are using these new technologies to help protect your devices from hackers. To help you learn about the leading biometrics used today, GearBrain has created a unique slideshow below. if you would like more in-depth information on biometrics, visit our article, Ditch The Password: Your Fingerprint Is About To Control Your Life

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a widely used biometric in picking someone's face out of a crowd. It looks at a face and records its nuances such as distance between the eyes, shape of the cheekbones and width of the nose. Taken together, these elements sketch a unique portrait of each individual. Some manufacturers, like Samsung are using this technology to allow you to pay bills or secure your smartphone. You can learn more here. For more information on biometrics, check out GearBrain's Ditch The Password: Your Fingerprint Is About To Control Your Life.

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