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How to print a Facebook post with comments

It may sound counter-intuitive but there are situations where printing a post is a safe way to preserve it

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Social media sites are digital by nature, a place to post stories, photos and comments where presumably they'll be left for ever online. Still, there are times when someone may want to pull or preserve a post on Facebook, such as a tribute to someone lost, or ensure written comments are saved.

After the recent leak that left data from half a billion Facebook users exposed, some people may also just want to leave the site.

Printing right from the the post, though, doesn't allow everything to be seen — and often prints just one or two pages. Saving as a PDF from the post creates the same problem as well — saving part of a post, but not the comments.

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To actually get everything from a photo to the post itself, plus every comment, Facebook users need total an extra few steps. This method works if you're the owner of the post, and also if you're not. This isn't the same thing as protecting digital assets from online photos to even cryptocurrency. But there are times when having a printed copy may be worthwhile.

Here are the steps then — from your Facebook account — to save and then print an entire post, comments and all.

  • Start by opening up your Facebook account, and then going to the post you're looking to print.
  • Next, you want to click on the three dots to the right corner of the post. The first option should be "Save post" and you'll click on this.
  • There may be some previous collections you've created, and you can click to save the post there. Another option is to create a new collection, and then save the post in this file. Then click "Done."

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A man seated on a couch with a laptop open to a social media page

Now you need to find the Saved Posts — and this is not that intuitive. Here's where you can find them.

  • On the left rail of the main Facebook page, you'll see your name, then "Most Recent," "Pages" and more. At the bottom is the phrase, "See More." Click on the this.
  • Scroll down to the word "Saved," next to a purple flag. Click here.

This should open all the saved posts you'll created.

Find the post you want to print, and click on the post itself to open it. And if you want to make sure you're printing all of the comments, scroll to that section of the post, and keep clicking "View previous comments" until that phrase disappears. (This means all comments are visible.)

Finally, you'll want to just print this page that has opened — and not use any of the menu options available within the Facebook app. When the print dialogue box opens, scroll through the preview to make sure you can see the entire post and all the comments.

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