The IoT of Making Babies

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Last Updated: August 23, 2016

A smart fertility tracker can take the guess-work out of getting pregnant.

Leaving pregnancy up to chance is no longer an option for many modern women. With gizmos and gadgets that can track ovulation and fertility more precisely than ever, those planning to expand their family can rely on the latest high-tech devices to aid them in getting pregnant. These 3 smart fertility trackers items are a must-have for those with babies on the brain — but not yet in the oven.

Optimus Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor from Optimus

This smart fertility tracker is no ordinary thermometer and for the price of about $65 bucks, you'll be glad it isn't. The Optimus Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor is “The #1 Advanced Computerized Basal Thermometer" and rightfully so. In addition to taking the precise digital temperature reading of a woman seeking to become pregnant, the gadget will store her temperature info for 210 days (6 cycles). There's also a PC print-out option. Women can assess their most fertile days and pregnancy possibility — even a potential due date. There's a built-in alarm clock on this fertility tracker, so women can take their basal temp the same time each day for added accuracy. No test strips or refills required. This is one hot temperature (and more) device.


For about $130 plus the cost of monthly sensors, moms in the making can don a high-tech fertility predictor right on their wrist. The OV-Watch monitors the skin's release of hormones to alert women 4 days prior to ovulation. This helps them know when it's their best time to conceive. No more messy pee-on-a-stick testers and too late knowledge of her most fertile days. In fact, the company claims that 66 percent or more pregnancies are estimated to happen with their product than with the LH-based traditional urine sticks. Plus, women wear the gadget at bedtime and can remove it in the A.M. to avoid any awkward, “Do you have the time?" queries.

Ovia Fertility Pregnancy Tracker Maternity App

This nifty free fertility app was designed by Harvard scientists. So you know the research behind the program is smart. Ovia carefully measures basal body temperature, ovulation, cervical fluid amounts, menstrual cycle, blood pressure, sleep patterns, sexual activity, other activity, even mood. Women can keep their own ovulation calendar and calculator to alert them to when they are most fertile. There are expert articles made available to learn more about conception and support from others trying to conceive via the app. Plus the app syncs to Fitbit, Jawbone, and similar devices and works with iOS and Android devices.

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