Watch this man use an iPhone X to make his face disappear
Kazuya Noshiro

Watch this man use an iPhone X to make his face disappear

Japanese developer brings Harry Potter's invisibility cloak to a creepy AR app

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Because the tech industry is collectively filling time between Christmas and CES, here is a Japanese man who has used an iPhone X to make his face disappear.

In the clearest sign yet that augmented reality is still very much in the novelty stage of development, Kazuya Noshiro revealed the creepy app in a 10-second video posted to Twitter on December 27.

The video shows Noshiro moving around his kitchen, which can be seen through his invisible face. Only his hair and small cutouts for his eyes and mouth remain, making him look like he is wearing a transparent skin care mask.

Noshiro is a virtual and augmented reality developer and chief executive of game development company ViRD. The video acts as a teaser for the new app he's building.

According to his tweet, which was first spotted by Design Taxi, Noshiro used an iPhone X to make his face disappear. This would suggest he is using Apple's ARKit development platform and the iPhone X's front-facing TrueDepth camera, which is also used by the phone's Animoji feature.

He also explained how the app is still a work-in-progress and was created using Unity, a video game development platform.

Noshiro confirmed to a Twitter follower that he used a fixed camera position to shoot the background separately, which the iPhone X then pasted over his face as he moved around.

The developer is yet to reveal when the app will be released, if it is indeed exclusive to the iPhone X — and perhaps most importantly — what it will actually be used to do.

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