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CES 2023 News: Kohler Launches Smart Bathroom and Kitchen Devices to Enhance Wellness

For the company’s 150th anniversary, Kohler launches new smart toilets, faucets, and water monitoring systems to help the world tackle sustainability.

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This year is Kohler’s 150 Anniversary, and the company is launching a bunch of new smart toilets, showers, water monitoring systems, and bathrooms to help create better experiences for their customers. At CES, the company showcased several new devices which caught our eye. Here is a quick look at what you can expect to see this year from Kohler:

Smart Showering - Statement Showering Collection:

A photo of a shower with Kohler Statement Collection of smart faucets and heads

Kohler Statement Collection


Kohler’s Statement collection of components breathes new life into well-loved standards, marrying the latest in technology with Kohler’s enduring craftsmanship. Statement is inspired by iconic furniture and home goods, carrying the underlying familiarity while creating striking aesthetics. The full collection includes an oblong showerhead for more enveloping water coverage, four styles of hand showers, four unique rain heads, and two body sprays.

The Seven immersive spray experiences include the following:

  • Deep Massage – strong streams of water twist and swirl to create a slow, kneading pattern
  • Cloud Spray - that swathes the body in a super-fine mist
  • Full Coverage Rain - gravity-fed droplets provide a soft flow of water that has a natural feel, mimicking the experience of real rainfall
  • Sweep – a wide spray of fine droplets creates a soothing stream ideal for an invigorating massage
  • Ribbon Massage – water cascades at an angled stream to target the shoulders
  • Full coverage with KOHLER Katalyst technology - enhances each droplet with air for intensified, more luxurious cloaks of water
  • Infinity spray – interlaced water streams create three experience zones in a single spray; the droplets closest to the nozzle rinse, middle zone massages, and farthest stream provide coverage.

The Statement Showing Collection estimated list price begins around $100 and is available to order. The Collection’s finishes are available in Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black, and Brushed Moderne Brass.

Smart Showering:  Statement VES

a photo of Kohler Statement VES Showerhead and Handshower

Kohler Statement VES Showerhead and Handshower


Statement VES Showerhead and Handshower are part of the Kohler Statement Collection and conserve at least 40% of water compared to a typical 2.5gpm showerhead/handshower without compromising the experience. Variable flow down to 0.5gpm pause option can save even more. A precise balance of size, number, and distribution of nozzles deliver a superior spray experience. VES Showerhead leverages Kohler’s Katalyst Air-Induction Technology which delivers larger drops that not only retain heat longer (up to ½ degree warmer) but also cloak the body in water for a luxurious soak. It also comes with unique Racetrack waterway technology that delivers powerful, consistent spray coverage.

The VES Showerhead has a silicone sprayface which is easy to clean. It’s also EPA WaterSense certified and rotates 360° for customized user height within 4¾" (121 mm). The estimated list price for the VES Showerhead is $114.10 and $125.55 for the VES Handshower. Both are available today.

Smart Valve Control with Kohler Konnect App:  Anthem Digital Valves and Controls

a photo of a smart shower powered by Kohler Konnect app

Kohler Konnect App helps control your shower


Kohler’s Konnect app is the controller for the company’s line of smart faucets and devices. The app will help you control temperatures and conserve water. The Anthem Digital valve and control, one of Kohler’s devices that uses the Konnect app, has been thoughtfully designed to provide an immersive showering experience, tailored to users’ exact specifications and needs. These precision controls elevate the showering routine to a next-level sensory event.

The Anthem Digital Values and controls come with a customer-centric design. You get a minimalist and sophisticated design, the touch-sensitive surface is intuitive and easy to use. The valves can control up to six outlets and complete control and personalization over a combination of shower sprays, rainheads, showerheads, handshowers, and body sprays. Each outlet can be independently adjusted to suit the user’s specific temperature and flow desires.

Users can mix and match settings and program up to 9 favorite presents to revisit anytime. The digital control offers independent access to every spray and up to two temperature zones so users can change settings with precision and choose individual levels of warmth for different areas of the body. You also get a warm-up mode that purges cold water from pipes and puts a hold on the hot water for up to two minutes until users are ready to get in the shower.

As we mentioned, Anthem integrates with your smartphone via Konnect app that allows for full control over every facet of the showering experience. Users can set default or max temperatures, monitor shower duration, and water usage to maximize water conservation, and meticulously engineer to fit global plumbing standards.

Anthem Digital Valves and Controls are available in Polished Chrome, Vibrant Polished Nickel, Vibrant Brushed Nickel, Matte Black, and Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass (finish options may vary by region). And the list price starts at $560 but will vary based on specifications. Starting in 2023 new remote customer support will allow for in-app troubleshooting, solutions, or customer service.

Smart Toilets by Kohler -  Eir Smart Toilet

a photo of Kohler Smart Toilet

Kohler Eir Smart Toilet


Kohler launched two new smart toilets at CES this year – Eir Smart Toilet and innate Smart Toilet

The Eir Smart Toilet comes with dual flush and a choice of 0.8 or 1.0 gpf (3.0 or 3.8 lpf) and meets EPA WaterSense certification requirements. The Stainless steel wand offers adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature, pulsate, and oscillate functions. The bowl is automatically misted before use for more effective rinsing while flushing. Eir comes with front and rear wash modes to provide warm water for cleansing and a self-cleaning function that uses UV light and electrolyzed water systems to automatically clean the wand surfaces. The Eir Smart Toilet also has a warm-air drying system, automatic deodorization system, heated seat with adjustable temperature settings, motion-activated, hands-free opening/closing of the cover, and Quiet-Close™ elongated seat closes quietly. And for those late-night visits to the toilet, Eir Smart Toilet has LED lighting to illuminate the bowl to serve as a nightlight. Emergency flush supports up to 100 flushes during power outages with simple touch-button activation.

The Eir Smart Toilet can be upgraded to Rose Gold or Sunrise Gold finish options to elevate and coordinate the full bathroom design. The estimated list price for the Eir Smart Toilet is $7,500.

Innate Smart Toilet by Kohler

a photo of Innate Smart Toilet

Kohler's Innate Smart Toilet


The Innate Smart Toilet is an approachable option for those looking to integrate personal cleansing features into the toileting space. It has several unique design features including integrated bidet functionality. There is a front and rear wash as well as water pressure, temperature, and spray mode controls. The electrolyzed water rinsing and UV cleaning of the stainless-steel bidet wand are supported along with an automatic open and close lid for a hands-free experience. You also get automatic deodorization, a nightlight, a warm air dryer, a heated seat, emergency backup flush, Automatic Dual flush technology with WaterSense certifications, and all functionality controlled by an intuitive, handheld remote.

The Innate Smart Toilet has a streamlined, versatile, and sleek design that fits a myriad of space aesthetics. It also features Kohler’s Patented ReadyLock Installation Technology, which allows for easier and quicker installation. The List Price for the Innate Smart Toilet is $3,400, half the price of the Eir Smart Toilet.

Smart Water Monitoring System – H2Wise and H2Wise+ Powered by Phyn

a photo of Kohler H2Wise+

Kohler H2Wise+


Kohler is working with Phyn to release a new smart watering monitoring system powered by Phyn. GearBrain has tested the Phyn Plus system and it’s a powerful smart watering system that can help protect your home from major water damage due to leaks. At CES, KOHLER showcases the H2Wise and H2Wise+ Powered by Phyn, smart water monitoring systems that provide efficient solutions to address household leaks.

These two systems can learn the unique water signature of every fixture in the home, getting smarter over time, and giving homeowners the ability to protect their property and make more informed decisions about how much water they use. Both monitoring systems deliver immediate alerts for minor or major leaks, run a diagnosis at 240 times per sec of the entire home's plumbing to detect hidden issues, track daily water usage by each fixture and faucet in the entire home and provide fully controllable throughout the KOHLER Konnect app. The systems are also compatible with all existing Kohler plumbing fixtures and provide pre-freeze warnings to help prevent frozen pipe bursts.

For 2023, Kohler announced by Q2 2023, there will be a new frozen pipe mitigation smart feature. How will this work? When H2Wise or H2Wise+ detects that your pipes may be freezing, it can instruct your Kohler Konnect fixture(s) to open briefly to relieve pressure and minimize potential damage to your pipes. This is a great water-saving and peace-of-mind feature for any smart homeowner.

H2Wise is a DIY version and is installed by the homeowner under a single sink. The H2Wise+ is the pro version with automatic shut-off and should be installed by a professional onto the main water line. This provides the ability to shut off the main water supply (i.e., the whole home water supply) automatically and remotely when a leak is detected. It also analyzes the entire home’s plumbing 24/7 to detect hidden issues. Just need to make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection and power near the installation of the4 H2Wise+.

The estimated list price for the H2Wise is $400 and the H2Wise+ is $666.70. Both are available today.

KOHLER H2Wise+ Smart Home Water Monitor and Automatic Shutoff Valve, Water Leak Detector and Water Usage Tracker

Lastly, Kohler is introducing Remote Diagnostics to provide the highest level of customer care for troubleshooting products using the KOHLER Konnect mobile app. It offers immediate feedback on the status of devices, step-by-step instructions to diagnose and remedy issues, or the ability to transfer data and connect people directly with a customer service representative for personalized support. Remote Diagnostics is available now for Anthem smart showering and PerfectFill smart bath filler, a 2022 CESInnovation Award honoree, and will be an option for future KOHLER Konnect-enabled products.

And if you need help in finding other smart devices compatible with Kohler smart appliances, don't forget to use our smart home product find engine. It's free and can help you find any smart device as well as ones compatible with Sire, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant-enabled devices.

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