Level Announces New Level Lock+, A next-gen Smart Lock for Apple users

Level Announces New Level Lock+, A next-gen Smart Lock for Apple users

Apple users can now use their iPhone or Apple Watch as the key with a new smart lock from Level.

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At GearBrain, we always talk about having a backup plan for your smart lock. There is nothing worse than getting locked out of your home. Having a smart lock with multiple ways to lock and unlock is a good thing. Whether you use a key, keypad, touchscreen, app, voice or keycard, all are good to have to access your smart lock. Today, Level is adding a new way to access your smart lock with the launch of Level Lock+ smart lock.

Working in tandem with Apple, Level Lock+ smart lock seamlessly integrates with the revolutionary technology of Apple home keys. What does this mean? Your iPhone is now your key for the door lock. Just simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the lock for easy and secure access to your smart home.

Level and Apple are bringing a shared design ethos to life through Level Lock+ as the most secure and aesthetic-forward smart lock widely available. With tech hidden in the lock itself, Level Lock+’s sleek design is a direct contrast to existing, clunky smart locks on the market.

a photo of a Apple Watch unlocking Level Lock+ smart lockUse your Apple Watch to unlock Level Lock+ smart lockLevel

How does the Level Lock+ work?

Level Lock+ comes with Invisible technology, new smart technology which is hidden inside the Level Lock and make the smart lock’s sleek design a direct contrast to existing, clunky smart locks on the market. Users can just tap and access the lock by using a compatible iPhone or Apple Watch. This connection is made possible by using Industry leading NFC capabilities which all Level Locks come with to assure best-in-class reliability.

Other features of Level Lock+ include the following:

  • Power reserve through home keys. - Key use remains enabled on an iPhone for hours after it needs to be charged.
  • Auto-lock and unlock - Lock and unlock your door automatically upon approach by accessing the feature in the Level app.
  • Guest sharing - With the Level app, you can share access to your home with others, including friends, visitors and people you trust.
  • Additional ways to enter - Touch and keycard via Level app, as well as using a standard key
  • Keypad - Pair Level Lock+ with the optional Level Keypad to provide guest access via key codes ($79, level.co)
  • Straight-forward installation - Simply install with a screwdriver in 15 minutes or less.
  • BHMA AAA certified - The highest industry standard for safety and durability.

a photo of someone using Apple iPhone to unlock Level Lock+ smart lock on a door.Use your iPhone to unlock Level Lock+ smart lock.Level

Overall, Level Lock+ has the same advanced tech as Level Lock - Touch Edition, but now with home keys support which is not available with any other Level smart lock.

If interested in buying Level Lock+, it will be exclusively sold in all US Apple stores and online at Apple’s website for $329 in Satin Nickel (in stores and online) and Matte Black (online only) finishes.

GearBrain will be testing the new Level Lock+ smart lock soon in a real home with normal connectivity. So, be on the lookout for our review. In the interim, the Level Lock+ is an interesting new smart lock with an attractive design and functionality, especially for any Apple user’s smart home.

And if you need help finding compatible devices that work with Level Lock+, don't forget to check out The GearBrain, our smart home compatibility checker. It's free and it can help you find, buy and learn how to connect and optimize any smart device including your smart locks.

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