Try a competitor to one of the bigger ride-sharing companies such as Via or Juno, both of their apps pictured here.

Lyft distributing hand sanitizer to its drivers

The company says that more than 200,000 bottles are on their way, along with cleaning supplies

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Ride-sharing firm Lyft, looking to get the ahead of passenger and driver concerns around the coronavirus spread, is promising to distribute more than 200,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to those behind the wheel.

Lyft also promised to fund its drivers if they're eventually diagnosed with COVID-19 or placed in quarantine by a public health agency. While they didn't state how many days drivers would be paid, Uber did — in a statement that promised 14 days of sick leave to all of its drivers if they contract the coronavirus.

As officials are encouraging people to avoid crowded places around the country, people who take public transportation during the day are certainly eyeing other options. New York City, for example, has told residents to either stay home if they can, and telecommute or try to walk or ride a bike to the office. They're definitely suggesting commuters avoid crowded subway cars. It makes sense that ride-sharing options are certainly being eyed, even as one of the first cases in New York included a driver for a ride-sharing service.

Uber and Lyft pickup spotUber and Lyft are offering paid time off for drivers if they contract the coronavirus iStock

Hoping to ease concern, both Lyft and Uber have tried to address needs raised by drivers with paid time off. That now includes, for Lyft, cleaning supplies and sanitizers for drivers who may not have easy access to soap and water while driving around cities.

Lyft is getting the hand sanitizer, called Everyone, from EO Products. Hand sanitizer has been one of those items that have been in short supply in retail stores across the nation, with some sellers, in shops and online, being accused of price gouging and raising the cost to buy available sanitizer for consumers.

New York State, on Monday, even unveiled its own brand of hand sanitizer, called NYS Clean, which is being distributed in select areas of the state.


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