CES 2024: Nanoleaf Debuts Music Visualizer, Matter Lights, Skylight

CES 2024: Nanoleaf Debuts Music Visualizer, Matter Lights, Skylight

Nanoleaf unveils new smart devices to create new lighting experiences in smart homes.

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At CES Show 2024, Nanoleaf, a leader in smart lighting innovation, has unveiled an array of exciting new products to transform how we experience light inside and outside our homes. The company's groundbreaking Orchestrator software promises to take music visualizations to the next level by creating captivating color and light shows that perfectly sync with your favorite songs. Unlike traditional music visualizers, Orchestrator connects directly to your computer's sound source, providing unparalleled accuracy and precision.

What is Nanoleaf Orchestrator?

Nanoleaf Orchestrator uses advanced "Smarter" Technology to respond to beats, melodies, and the audio spectrum, generating mesmerizing visuals that match the mood and tempo of your music. Whether energetic beats pulsating in rhythm or gentle melodies gracefully dancing across your walls, Orchestrator ensures a dynamic and immersive experience. Users can even customize their unique palettes and effects, putting you in control of your musical light show. Orchestrator is set to launch in Spring 2024.

Nanoleaf's New Essentials Matter Line of Smart Lights

In addition to the groundbreaking software, Nanoleaf is expanding its Essentials Matter line to include three new Matter-compatible smart lights: an Indoor Multicolor Lightstrip, Outdoor String Lights, and Permanent Outdoor Lights. These outdoor additions mark Nanoleaf's first venture into the world of outdoor lighting, offering dynamic gradients and warm ambiance for patios, backyards, and gardens throughout the year. The lights seamlessly integrate with existing Nanoleaf products, providing simple controls and smart customizations. With voice control, schedules, and preset lighting scenes, Nanoleaf's Matter-compatible lights elevate your outdoor lighting experience. These new devices are also planned for release in Spring 2024.

Skylight Smart Modular Ceiling Light Now Available for Pre-Order

Nanoleaf is also thrilled to announce the official launch of Skylight, the world's first smart modular ceiling light panels with full design customizations. Skylight combines functional everyday lighting with creativity and personal expression, showcasing Nanoleaf's dedication to design and technology innovation. With its flush-mounted modular square design and diffused multi-point lighting, Skylight offers a soft and natural lighting experience that can be adjusted to suit any mood or task. Users can choose from various Scenes, including "Gentle Rain" and "Sun Shower," or create custom lighting designs.

How do these Skylights work? Wire one square and expand to 100 more on your ceiling, crafting unique layouts with this modular setup. Illuminate once-inaccessible areas for the first time. Each square emits 1400 lumens, lasting 25,000 hours. Skylight boasts Nanoleaf's smart suite: Rhythm Music Visualizer, Schedules, Magic Scenes, RGBW colors, and more. Control it via the Nanoleaf App, Wi-Fi, your preferred smart home system, or your standard light switch.

Nanoleaf Skylight is now available for pre-order at go.nanoleaf.me and retails for $249.99 USD for the Smarter Kit (3PK) and $69.99 USD for Expansion Packs (1PK). The product will ship in late January 2024.

We look forward to testing these new smart lighting products in 2024. So, be on the lookout for our review of each smart light. And remember, you can use The GearBrain, our product find engine, to help you find, buy, and connect any smart device, including smart lights that work with your existing smart home setup.

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