How to find David Chang's dope Nike SB Dunk High Pro Momofuku sneakers
Photo courtesy of Nike

How to find David Chang's dope Nike SB Dunk High Pro Momofuku sneakers

Want to buy Nike's latest Momofuku collaboration? You need an augmented reality app to find the link.

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Sneaker drop Nike's latest limited release sneakers can only be found through a treasure hunt. Collectors who want their chance to buy Nike SB Dunk High Pro "Momofuku"—a collaboration between Momofuku hipster chef David Chang—have to first download Nike's SNRKS AR app. And then you're only given an opportunity to buy the sneakers if there are any left? Sound complicated and coveted? Kind of like an adult scavenger hunt? Here are the details.

Step one: Download the SNKRS app which only works on iOS devices. (Sorry Android users.) Step two: Locate one of the SNKRS posters that are outside Momofuku restaurants in the U.S.—or find the 'Behind the Design' post about the sneakers on the SNKRS app. If you're in the app, find the rotating .gif of what Nike calls the "hidden Dunk" and tap on it which should open your camera.

Now, find Momofuku's menu online (like, uh, below) or aim your camera at one of the posters outside a Momofuku, and then tap. An augmented reality image of the shoe should appear —plus an invitation to buy one if, and only if, they're not sold out. We seriously want to know if you ponied up to play this new kind of shopping scenario, and if you scored the sneakers. Because we're not buying (even though we're giving a nod to the AR hack.)

Momofuku menu is a gateway to more than just David Chang's signature chicken.Photo courtesy of Nike

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