7 nursing apps to help new parents take care of their baby

A young infant needs round the clock care, and these programs can help bring some support during those very early days

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With a new baby in the family, feeding time is nearly any time of day, and new programs may help bring some support to sleep-deprived parents. After all, when it comes to a young, nursing infant, keeping tabs on a child's feeding schedule is key. Certainly millions of parents have made do without the use of technology, but many of today's available apps can use turn smartphones into souped-up baby must-haves including these seven that can make nursing and feeding time both easier — and educational.

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Logo that says "LactMed" of a drawing of a mom with an infant in her arms Learn which supplements and medicine nursing moms may want to avoidLactMed


The National Library of Medicine has a free app that should be on every nursing mom's smartphone. LactMed is an informative database of drugs and supplements that moms should avoid — or certainly know exist — that may affect their milk supply, and what their baby may ingest. The app lists safe levels of these elements, along with the potential effects on the baby, plus alternative meds mom can take that may be safer.

A photo of a nursing room on screen of a smartphone with chairs and tables A community chat feature lets new moms find each other and conne tMamava


For those moms who prefer to pump or breastfeed in private, the Mamava app is a smart solution that helps them locate just the right space for their needs. Mamava pods are located across the country, with roomy benches for moms and babies to feel comfortable during feeding time. Log in and locate the nearest pod, and then use the app to unlock the room when you arrive. There are also helpful videos for tips on better breastfeeding as well as a community chat for moms to mingle.

A photo of a breast pump in purple and white and a smartphone app Time feeding sessions, and link information to a smartphone app via BluetoothLansinoh

Lansinoh Baby

Moms who use the Lansinoh Smartpump can add the company's free app to the process to track and record pumping sessions when connected via Bluetooth. Parens can time breastfeeding sessions, note which side they fed from last, and even add diaper stats to the diary. There's tons of useful information for new moms to read as well, along with a sharing function so parents can provide their doctor with details of their journey.

Two smartphone screens, one that says "latchCHAT" and the other with a photo of a mom and a baby Find public places where parents can feed and nurse their childlatchME


LatchME is an all-around must-have app for breastfeeding moms. For just $.99, this app serves up details on public places to feed, doctors, lactation experts, support groups and even milk banks. Get tips, chat with other parents, watch videos, and stay on top of all-things baby. First-time — and exhausted — parents will also like that the app's features are easily navigable and necessary.

A smartphone screen showing details on milk consumption for a baby Track how much milk is stored, and how much babies are drinkingPump Log

Pump Log

Pump Log is a free app created for moms to track their breast milk production, from daily output to longer-term trends. You can keep notes on how much milk is stocked in the freezer, as well as how much the baby is consuming. The interface is simple and easy to follow, and moms can rely on the app to be sure they're pumping efficiently and sufficiently.

Smartphone with screen showing a purple icon awith a figure of a mom and infant and the words "Good Job" Keep feeding schedules stored, and connect to the Sonata pumpMyMedela


MyMedela is a lactation lifesaver for new moms who want to stay on track with feedings. The app also keeps their info stored for sharing or reference. For moms who own the smart breast pump, Sonata, this free app connects easily to the device, which can help store information for future feeding sessions and. The app also lets parents chat live with lactation consultants, so any questions or concerns can be addressed over a real-time video connection.

A blue marbled logo with the word "Similac" over it Record information from feeding sessions to milestones inside the appSimilac

Similac Baby Journal

Many are familiar with Similac, a popular baby formula parents have used for decades. Some moms pair breastfeeding with formula use, while others use formula exclusively. No matter the case, the Similac Baby Journal app is free to use. Inside the smartphone app, parents can record journals of feeding stats, maintain records of milestones, keep tabs on diaper changing and even note napping schedules which, sadly, will slow decrease even if parents still feed they themselves need one too.

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