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How to check your Philips Hue lights if their power cords are part of the recall

Power supply cords, attached to several outdoor lights, could potentially shock people when they get submerged — and here's how to get a replacement

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Some power supplies that are part of six Phillips Hue lights are being recalled by Signify, the company behind the lighting brand, for the potential of shocking people if the device gets submerged in water.

The power supply is not the light nor the light fixture itself, but the cord that runs between the light and an outlet. Specifically, these are power supplies for 40 Watt outdoor supply units, and not all are involved for the six lighting styles — but if you purchased one of the lights between 2018 and 2020, you do need to check if your power supply needs to be replaced.

Philips Hue power supply cordOnly the power supply cord for select Philips Hue lights are involved in the recallSignify

The six lighting units affected by the power supply cord recall are:

  • Lily spotlight
  • Lily XL spotlight
  • Calla pedestal light
  • Calla Large pedestal light
  • Econic pedestal light
  • Impress pedestal light

Philips Hue notes that the problem happens "in very rare cases," they said but can occur from water causing damage to the power supply, which can then "pose a safety risk if touched in wet conditions."

Philips Hue launched the Lily and the Calla in 2018, after debuting them at that year's CES. Designed to work outdoors, the bulbs still push out multiple colors, like the Philips Hue indoor bulbs and other devices including its indoor Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip.

As for the outdoor devices, the company is recalling a set number of the power supplies, and replacing them for owners. But first you're going to want to check to see if the production code of your power supply is involved in the recall. To do so, you need to first unplug the power supply and switch off the power to the light.

Next, pick up the power supply, and look for a four-digital production code on the front of the device. The format is YYWW — with the "Y" representing the year and the "W" representing the week. You're looking for codes that reflect the year ending 19, and the week of 41 or before.

Codes for the power supply recall for Philips HueThe Philips Hue power supply codes can be found in two locations on the deviceSignify

The code needs to match these two criteria:

  • The first two digital of the code are 19 or below
  • The last two digital of the code are 41 or below

If both things are true, take a photo of the front of the power supply — with this code visible — which you will need when contacting Philips Hue. There is a specific form.

You're going to need to include your name, email address, phone number, a shipping address, proof of the device (which is the photo you've just taken) and also how many cords you need. If you're requesting more than three cords, they're asking you to contact them directly through customer support.

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