a photo from Samsung CES Press conference showcasing new SmartThings features

SmartThings Innovations: Elevating Living Rooms, Simplifying Device Sharing, and Introducing Map View

Discover SmartThings' Latest Breakthroughs for an Enhanced Smart Living Experience

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At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, we saw several exciting developments centered around the smart home. We saw new platforms being introduced to help solve the interoperability problem. New products made of recycled materials, which addressed sustainability issues, were being launched. And, of course, new smart devices were helping the smart homeowner monitor their energy usage. However, thanks to Samsung, one development we have been tracking for several years emerged at CES. This was the evolution of your smart TV, becoming a smart hub for your smart home.

At CES Show 2024, SmartThings unveiled several groundbreaking features that enhanced the smart living room experience, simplified smart device sharing, and introduced Map View for streamlined home management. These innovations offer users a more connected and immersive lifestyle with smart home technology.

TV as a SmartThings Hub

a photo of Samsung's new NeoQLED 8K TV at their CES 2024 press conferenceUse Samsung SmartThings TV as a hubGearBrain

We have been saying for years that your smart television will be a controller for your smart home. SmartThings introduced the TV as a central control hub for all connected devices at the show. Your TV seamlessly detects your smartphone, making it an instant remote and eliminating the need for multiple controllers. The SmartThings TV Quick Panel provides non-intrusive access to core functions, allowing users to manage devices, view camera feeds, and locate their phones. Users can effortlessly oversee their smart homes without diverting attention from their screens, making it an ideal addition to the modern living room.

SmartThings Together - Effortless Sharing

a photo of Samsung exec giving a presentation at Samsung press event at CES Show 2024 showcasing their new QR Code featureSamsung SmartThings Together uses a QR code to simplify smart home control.GearBrain

To help with unified control for all users and devices, Samsung introduced a new SmartThings Together feature. SmartThings Together uses QR codes to simplify sharing smart home devices and routines with family, friends, and guests. Each QR code allows tailored control, enabling users to grant specific device access based on individual preferences. This feature offers flexibility in managing smart homes and ensures everyone can contribute to their smart living experience. It simplifies guest access and enhances automation and device control, making it easier for all users to securely interact with their smart homes.

Map View for Smart Home Management

a photo from Samsung press conference at CES Show 2024 showing SmartThings Map View featureNew Samsung SmartThings Map View features announced at CES Show 2024GearBrain

If you have a robot vacuum, you have been exposed to mapping of your home by floor. Samsung has applied this feature to a new way to view your smart home and all your smart connected devices. Samsung SmartThings can now revolutionize the management of your smart devices with Map View, integrating floor plans into the app's interface. Users can visualize their home and connected devices, monitor cameras, check temperatures, track laundry cycles, and manage energy consumption from a single interface. The 3D map displays the devices' real positions and allows customization with furniture placement. AI characters mimic family members and pets, offering an intuitive and enjoyable way to monitor the smart living environment. Users can create 3D layouts using AI technology, even from physical floor plans or images. Map View quickly takes control of your smart home to a new level.

These new SmartThings innovations aim to make smart homes more accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly. With the TV as a smart home control hub, effortless device sharing through QR codes, and Map View for simplified home management, SmartThings transforms how users interact with their smart living spaces, enhancing convenience and connectivity. All these are what consumers want and need today to run an efficient and secure smart home.

If you want to learn more about these new smart home features from Samsung SmartThings or explore these innovative features and redefine your smart home experience, you can visit partners.smartthings.com. And remember, you can use GearBrain's product find engine to help you find, buy, and connect any smart device, including those compatible with the Samsung SmartThings platform.

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